Strategic Financial Planning for Government Contractors

There is a lot more to the financial managemFinancial Management for Government Contractorsent of a successful business than merely two shoe boxes or a checkbook.  Having at least one person, preferably more than one, that is experienced not only in strategic financial planning but also expert in the government regulations (FAR, DFARS, CFR, GAAP, DCAA, etc) will position your company for the best chance at growth.

Proper and effective business budgets, cash management, banking relationships, equipment and facility leases, business insurance, and total fiscal discipline are required to keep the company financially strong.  Planning your indirect billing rates to accommodate your growth pattern is a strategy that many businesses overlook. These key business functions require knowledge, experience, and at-hand resources.

Many times a small business might have one expert or one CFO type person.  By outsourcing your finance department to ReliAscent you instantly have a full team of professionals on your side.  Instead of having only one CFO, you have multiple CFO qualified individuals that can instantly provide a wealth of advice and experience to influence your business decision.  In addition, you also have a full staff of professionals from the day-to-day level of transactions up to and including the strategic type thinkers. ReliAscent can provide small businesses with comprehensive financial management.

Other Government Accounting & Finance Services include:

Contact ReliAscent today to see how we can help your business, not only with the mundane back office tasks, but also with the strategic thinking required to help your business grow.