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Navy's Seaport-e Rolling Admission Solicitation is out

Posted by Mike Anderson on 4/22/13 4:10 PM

The Navy has just released its latest solicitation for the Seaport-e contract vehicle. This open solicitation is part of what the Navy calls its Rolling Admissions program.  The Navy has a Rolling Admission to expand the contractor base in their Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) prime contracts.  This is also an opportunity for existing Seaport-e prime contract holders to expand the scope of their contract or expand the geographical scope that their contract covers. 

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Rolling Admissions open to Seaport-e

Posted by Mike Anderson on 3/22/13 9:20 AM

The Federal Government's use of IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity) type contracts has been increasing rapidly over the last 10 years.  Many times these contracting vehicles are referred to as Multiple-Award Contracts (MAC).  The Federal Government obligations under MAC awards have grown by over 5X from 2003 until this year.  By far the largest of the IDIQ contract vehicles is the Navy's Seaport-e program.  There are currently over 3,300 Seaport-e prime contract holders and obligated dollars in this program is over $5 Billion.  The Navy has just announced (this week) that they will allow a "rolling admissions" to add to the contractor base for prime contractors in this vehicle.  The solicitation is N00178-13-R-4000 and proposals will be due by May 1, 2013.   Awards are expected to be given in October or early November of 2013. 

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Small Business Contract Opportunities

Posted by Mike Anderson on 2/7/13 2:20 PM

With all the threat out there right now from Continuing Resolution to Sequestration to more deficit reduction pressure it is hard to find the positives some times.  Certainly, there will be programs cut, there will be contracts terminated and there will be difficulty for many companies that have been doing business with the Federal Government.  It is easy to get caught up in all the negativism.  My mother used to tell me that need to look for the positives in each situation and only you can control your outlook.  I think that is good advice for us all right now.

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Navy announces 385 new Seaport-e IDIQ Contracts

Posted by Mike Anderson on 7/23/12 4:54 PM

The Navy just announced 385 new multiple award contracts under their Seaport-e program.  There were 415 offers under what the Navy calls their "Rolling Admission Program" this year and 385 companies were selected.  These contracts are mainly for service requirements for the Navy in 22 different functional areas and have become a competitive and popular way for the Navy to do business in these areas.  There are currently more than 2,500 contractors holding Seaport-e ID/IQ contracts so there is adequate competition on winning task orders under the contracts.  While the program is open to large and small businesses the Navy estimates that 85% of the contract holders are small businesses.  The Navy has established a goal of 33% of total dollars to be awarded to small businesses. The Navy will purchase over $5 Billion worth of services under this program each fiscal year which means over a $1.65 Billion opportunity for small business.  In addition, large business awards under the program have a subcontracting goal of 20% to small business.  This adds another $1 Billion opportunity for small business.  In all, there should be over $2.65 Billion opportunity for small business.  

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