Government Contract Proposal Writing & Support

(Contracts and Grants)

The government proposal experts at ReliAscent believe that following a disciplined and proven PROCESS gives clients the best chance to produce competitive proposals and to obtain significant levels of government funding for their ideas. 

The Success rate for winning an SBIR proposal is somewhere between 10% & 20% for the Phase I effort.  Success rates for Phase II efforts are higher, as might be expected since these are normally continuation of efforts started in Phase I, but normally you need to win a Phase I contract before you can win a Phase II.  General BAA proposals have success rates that can be lower than Phase I success rates.  Some consultants brag about their success rates of winning proposals but in reality, the only thing that proposal writing can do is get your proposal to the "short list" to be considered for funding.  The funding will depend on other factors related to the technical merit, the innovation and the perceived need from the reviewing agency in the government.  So it is imperative if you have a good technical idea that you make it to the "short list".  Good proposal writing will help this.  

In the proposal process ReliAscent can help guide R&D planning and then help develop the full proposal and presentation.  For instance, most contractors don't know what and how much R&D could be done for a given amount of funding, what is acceptable, what should be included, what does not look good in a proposal, how much funding to ask for what work among other subtleties.  The wording, the tone and language as well as the sequencing of material in the proposal is all critical to be able to impress on the reviewers for a successful proposal.  ReliAscent can help make sure your proposal has the best chance of making an impression on the review team.

Proposal-support services provided by ReliAscent include any or all of the following:

  • Pre-qualification of the company (for SBIR/STTR participation) for each individual agency
  • Identification of government R&D funding opportunities, and creation of opportunities
  • Interaction with government representatives as required
  • Data searches for background information as directed by client
  • Coaching and management of pre-proposal activities—driving Go/No-Go decisions
  • Assistance in identifying key collaborators/partners for the R&D team
  • Managing the PROCESS--proposal planning, coaching, writing, editing, and production tasks
  • Market assessment needed as part of the proposal “story” and commercialization plan
  • Assistance with budgeting issues (e.g., direct costs, indirect rates, ODC’s, fees)
  • Assistance in Phase I project management to boost chances for Phase II success

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