Meet The ReliAscent® Team

The DCAA Compliance & Government Contract Accounting Experts

Audrey Oliver - COO, ReliAscent

Audrey Oliver

Brian Sperry, ReliAscent Owner and DCAA Compliance Consultant

Brian Sperry
Owner, Consultant

Russ Farmer, ReliAscent Owner and DCAA Compliance Consultant

Russ Farmer
Owner, Consultant

Mike Anderson, ReliAscent CEO

Mike Anderson

Theresa Mayberry - ReliAscent Director of Operations

Theresa Mayberry
Director of Operations

Tyler Link - Marketing Director, ReliAscent

Tyler Link
Marketing Director


Dave Donley
Account Executive 

John Klennert

John Klennert
Account Executive


Nickie Kelly
Account Executive 

ReliAscent Account Executive

Account Executive

Christy Evans - Controller and Senior Accountant, ReliAscent

Christy Evans
Senior Accountant

Rachel Handel - Senior Accountant_ReliAscent

Rachel Handel
Senior Accountant 

Desiree Dana - Staff Accountant, ReliAscent

Desiree Dana
Senior Accountant 

Kathy Pew - Senior Accountant, ReliAscent

Kathy Pew
Senior Accountant

Lisa Stavich - Senior Accountant, ReliAscent

Lisa Stavich
Senior Accountant

Susan Wehrly - Senior Accountant, ReliAscent

Susan Wehrly
Senior Accountant

Senior Accountant - Jesse Goldsmith

Jesse Goldsmith
Senior Accountant

Senior Accountant - Robert Pownell

Robert Pownell
Senior Accountant

Melanie Lugo - Staff Accountant

Melanie Lugo
Staff Accountant

Bree Mark - Junior Accountant

Bree Mark
Junior Accountant

Terri_Anderson - Junior Accountant, ReliAscent

Terri Anderson
Junior Accountant

Celeste Zamora - Junior Accountant

Celeste Zamora
Junior Accountant

Senior Accountant - Robert Pownell

Junior Accountant

Charlie Moschel - Consultant, ReliAscent

Charlie Moschel


Why Choose ReliAscent®?

ReliAscent® is an entirely unique consulting firm in the government contract compliance industry. Unlike most companies in this space, we don't simply sell software or expensive accounting systems, nor do we offer "training seminars," or "packages" of services & products that provide little value to no value to contractors or grantees (or worse, leave them thinking they are equipped with the tools they need to be compliant and successful, yet opening them up to risks). 

More importantly: we're not just accountants—we are strategic financial and business consultants.   ReliAscent® is not simply a bookkeeping firm (with only a couple of experienced employees), or an expensive CPA firm that focuses on major defense contractors. Rather, we specialize in full outsourced back (and front) office support services for small businesses making $1million to $20 million annually, with as few as one employee, to as many as 300.  Each of our accounting teams possess the accounting, contract compliance, and business & financial management expertise your business needs to excel, all on an affordable, as-needed basis. By helping to make sense of your accounting data and project performance, supporting you throughout every phase of the contract or grant, and offering strategic financial and business management advice, we help our clients stay efficient, proactive, and profitable.

The ReliAscent® team has over 200 years of government contracting experience with more than 20 degreed accountants, several former and current CPA’s, NCMA certified Government Contract Managers and access to several former DCAA auditors.  In addition, ReliAscent® personnel have extensive experience with QuickBooks® and other accounting software packages including PVBS, Sage 50, Jamis, Great Plains and Deltek, to name a few.

Our Business Philosophy

To assume the complexities of business operations and government requirements for our clients, so our clients can bring their unique talents, services or technology to the marketplace.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Security, Performance, Trust, Teamwork, Never-ending Commitment to Client Success 


DCAA Compliance & Government Contract Accounting

DCAA ComplianceOur accountants are experts in DCAA compliant accounting systems and regulations, and we provide complete outsourced accounting services that are compliant with FAR and government requirements. ReliAscent® operates the system to all compliance standards, allowing our clients to concentrate on the knowledge that makes them unique in the marketplace (focusing only on high ROI activities); thereby maximizing profit potential.

Setting up and maintaining a DCAA compliant system requires a number of subsystems and processes that are interconnected to the QuickBooks General Ledger. ReliAscent® can set your business up with a new accounting system onor migrate your current accounting system toour platform (hosted on the cloud), in as little 1-2 weeks, and can either act as your complete outsourced accounting department, or train your current accounting team to perform the day to day bookkeeping, while leaving the complex tasks (month end close, financial reporting, ICE submissions, and DCAA audit support), to our experts.

To learn more about DCAA compliance and the accounting system requirements small business government contractors and grantees face, visit out DCAA Compliant Accounting Systems page, or download our DCAA Compliance Guide - Understanding the SF1408.


Government Contract & Grant Management

ReliAscent®  understand the implications of the myriad of clauses that you find in a Federal Contract or Grant.  The FAR, the DFARS, the CFR’s and other regulations can form a complex maze of confusing requirements for the awardee. But, our experts understand how to sort through this quickly to the benefit your business, and ensure not only compliance with all regulations, but guidance throughout the period of performance; from proposal reviews, to the contract review, negotiations, subcontracts, modifications, and even closeouts and terminations.