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ReliAscent is always looking to hire Accountants, Account Executives, and NCMA-certified Contract Managers, to join our ever-expanding company, and to better serve the Government Contracting Community. To learn more about career opportunities at ReliAscent, please fill out the form on the left of the page, and one of our management team members will contact you shortly.

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Now Accepting Resumés for the Following Positions:


Federal Contracts Manager/CFO

This position works as a liaison between ReliAscent and the client. Working as Federal Contracts Manager/CFO means performing extensive research and learning all about the client's products/services, company goals, number and types of contracts and needs.  This job has many different duties and responsibilities, such as day to day liaising via a contact method which can include email, video conferencing, personal visits and telephone calls. This job includes many different responsibilities such as:
  • Preparing regular client reports and attending client meetings
  • Reviewing regular client financial reports for accuracy, quality and relevancy
  • Retaining existing customers
  • Networking and Business Development with New Prospects & Potential Clients
  • Interface with various Government Agencies (Rates discussions, Contract issues, Questions, Budgets, etc)
  • Monitor ReliAscent team time expenditures during the month to be able to warn client if there is any value-added work during the current month that may make the month’s billings look larger than normal. Communicate this to the client as early as possible in the monthly cycle to prevent “sticker shock” when the billing comes out.
  • Regular contact with client including phone, e-mail, video conferencing and personal visits to establish relationship with client, build trust and understand client’s needs. Quickly deduce how ReliAscent can provide additional quality to the client’s firm
  • Growing existing Customers by constantly reviewing client requirements to see how ReliAscent can add additional value to the client
  • Help in Developing and/or Improving Internal Controls & Processes/Procedures
  • Staff Mentoring and Training
  • Budget Proposals and Developing Proposal Pricing
  • Preparing Incurred Cost Proposals (and using the DCAA ICE format)
  • CFO Level Review of Client work & CFO Level consulting with Clients
  • Review monthly work done by ReliAscent before passing on to client:
    • Completeness to our Statement of Work
    • Quality of work
    • Needs of the Client
  • Meeting with client to cover current month’s work
    • Review reports
    • Explain any anomalies
    • Review current contract needs
    • Review potential new contract &/or proposal needs
    • Tell Client of any special circumstances they should be aware
    • Discuss strategy for next month and near future for client to follow
    • Review invoices prior to sending to client for:
    •  Accuracy
    • Expectations on client’s behalf
    • Any “non-value added” time
  • Bachelor Degree in Business, Accounting or Engineering
  • 10 to 15 years’ experience in government contracting and accounting
  • Good understanding of FAR, DFARS, DCAA CAM and CFR’s
  • Ability to read and analyze financial statements
  • Desired but not necessarily required:
    • QuickBooks familiarity
    • DCAA audit experience
  • Creativity & Organization
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills
  • Great Written and Oral Communication Skills
  • Excellent Leadership Abilities
  • Analytical, Decision-Making and Management Skills
  • Ability to Develop Lasting Professional Relationships with Clients
  • Strong Speaking Skills

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