Department of Defense

DoD Contractor Compliance 

As a DoD Contractor, a small business with a contract (including an SBIR award) is barraged with a slew of regulations and compliance requirements from the DCAA, FAR, DFARs, and the DCMA.  Contracting with the Department of Defense is one of the most stringent environments in government contracting, for 2 main reasons:

  1. The lives of those protecting our country are at risk.

  2. The US Federal Government is the world's largest purchaser of goods and/or services and, as such, demands the best value for their money.

Among some of the most important compliant components of your business are a DCAA compliant accounting system and timekeeping system (after all, the most common finding in a failed DCAA audit for a DoD Contractor is related to their timekeeping system). 

ReliAscent can convert your existing QuickBooks® (or other accounting system), to a DCAA complaint system, or we can install a new, compliant accounting system, in just 2-3 weeks. Then, our team of government  accounting experts can operate that system for you; acting as your virtual back office.  This not only helps to ensure your compliance and protect your cash flow, it can save the average small business tens of thousands of dollars annually. 

Here is a partial list of ReliAscent's service offerings to a defense contractor:

DCAA Compliant Accounting Systems


DCAA Audit Support

Pre Award Audits

System Audits

Incurred Cost Report Audits

Forward Pricing Rate Proposal Audits

Pricing Proposal Audits

Other Audits

Incurred Cost Proposal preparation

Price Proposals 

Forward Pricing Labor and Overhead Rates Proposals

Labor Floor Checks

Invoicing the Federal Government (Billing)

Material Management

Government Property Systems

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