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Rejected Cost Vouchers & Delayed Payments? You Need WAWF Help!

One of the more critical steps in Government Contracting---and probably the most important to your business---is getting paid!  This can be another hurdle contractors find frustrating. This requires a proper invoice and other documentation (as applicable per the contract) be submitted to the proper authority at the agency you are dealing with.  Any deviation from the precisely defined format or process can result in delays in payment.  

At ReliAscent, we understand the importance of invoicing the Federal Government or prime contractors accurately, in a timely manner, and collecting what’s due.  Electronic systems such as the Wide Area Workflow (or WAWF system) are becoming more common but they can be difficult for the inexperienced to manage.  ReliAscent knows the system and how to make it work for you to improve your cashflow.  

How you invoice the government primarily depends on where you are in the acquisition or grant universe. In any case, a careful reading of your grant or contract should identify the invoicing process and where to start.

Here is a listing of the most common government invoicing systems:

  • Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) - used by the DoD and NASA
  • PMS - Payment Management System - used by NIH
  • ACM$ - Award Cash Management System - used by NSF

Case Study 1

A client came to ReliAscent needing our help with an issue in the WAWF system.  They had over $50,000 tied up in the WAWF system for over 6 months and could not figure out how to receive the payments due to them.  ReliAscent was able to step into the system and get the funds released to the client within 30 days. 

This is common. Billing issues with WAWF typically involve using the wrong Accounting Classification Number (ACRN) or Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) either in the input system or on the voucher. Since more contracts are incrementally funded, requests for payments can cross over funded ACRNs which complicates the billing process in WAWF.

Case Study 2

A client’s $54,000 voucher was rejected. ReliAscent determined that the contract was improperly configured to bill for work accomplished. ReliAscent quickly contacted the contracting officer who issued a contract modification that resolved the billing snafu.

It’s rare that a contract is not structured appropriately to bill against, but accidents do happen. ReliAscent can unravel the most confusing billing issue.

Case Study 3

The government was dragging its feet reviewing a draft SBIR final report and holding up the final $24,000 payment to a client. ReliAscent sent the client language from the Prompt Payment contract clause that appeared to hasten the government’s review cycle.

Most of the agencies provide a WAWF Help Desk function.  For specific agency help desks, use the site found at the Wide Area Workflow website.

Even after visiting the Help Desk, it isn't always straight forward.  ReliAscent can help you. To Learn more about how ReliAscent could do this for you, please download our Government Invoicing Whitepapers, visit or Blog, or give us a call today

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