Incurred Cost Submission and ICE Audits

Our experts have helped hundreds of contractors prepare thousands of incurred cost submissions (DCAA ICE submissions), and can help your small business prepare and submit yours at an affordable cost.

As a reminder, your incurred cost proposal (*ICP/ICE) is required per contract clause FAR 52.216-7 Allowable Cost and Payment. Paragraph (d)(2) of the clause specifies this proposal is due to the Contracting Officer (or cognizant Federal Agency official) and auditor within six months following the expiration of a contractor’s fiscal year. Paragraph (d)(2) also articulates the mandatory and discretionary data to be submitted. The DCAA publishes a template that can be used for this purpose, although we generally advise against it.

To learn more about preparing and submitting your ICP / ICE, visit the following pages:

Incurred Cost Proposal Preparation

Incurred Cost Submission


It’s never too early to get a head start! There are a number of ways you can be proactive! 

  • Call ReliAscent® today at 303-999-3808
  • Download and review any of our free ICE checklists on this and other related pages.
  • Send us an email that includes some basic information: your company's size, number of employees, number of government jobs and type of contracts, the type of accounting software you use, whether or not you did provisional rates last year, and the type of rate structure you've used in the past (1, 2 or 3 rate system).

*ICP is also known as a DCAA Incurred Cost Estimate (or DCAA ICE) or a final indirect cost rate submission.

Check out ReliAscent's ICE Submission Video, and our library of other DCAA and government contracting videos on our YouTube Page!