ReliAscent® provides small to medium-sized government contractors and grantees with the complete back and front office support they need to be compliant with government contract accounting (government job cost accounting) requirements, and to succeed and grow their businesses. This starts from the installation of a FAR & DCAA compliant job cost accounting system, which then needs to be maintained in compliance through outsourced monthly accounting and DCAA audit support. Government contractor accounting and FAR compliance, however, is only the first pillar in our 3 Pillar approach to serving our clients; what we call ReliAscent's "3 Pillars of Government Contracting Success."

While this first pillar prepares businesses with the accounting system and outsourced accounting services they need to compete forand winmany types of contracts and grants, the other two pillars are just as critical to the ongoing success and growth of a government contractor or grantee. After all, success in this industry takes more than just a good product or idea, and it takes more than "just an accounting firm." In order to ensure growth, profitability, and that your idea, product, or service can succeed, a small business also needs both the expert contract management support, and the strategic, highly specialized financial and business management expertise that major defense contractors have.  Fortunately, ReliAscent® offers all 3 pillars under one roof:


Government Contractor Accounting GOVERNMENT CONTRACT ACCOUNTING


DCAA Compliant Accounting Systems

Outsourced (Monthly) Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

DCAA Audit Support

Free QuickBooks DCAA Compliance Reviews for Contractors & Grantees

Mock DCAA Audits


Government Contract Management Services



Contract Negotiations

Contract and Proposal Reviews

Contract Modifications & Change Orders

Subcontract Management

Contract Close-outs & Terminations


government contractor financial and business management



Outsourced CFO Services

Strategic Indirect Rates Management

Annual Budget Preparation & Review

Project Performance Monitoring and Internal Controls

External Financing



A Government Contract Accounting Firm Like No Other...

Government Contractor Accounting What separates ReliAscent® from all other government contract accounting and consulting firms in our industry?

We Don't Sell Software, Unnecessary Products, or Training Services: we aren't here to sell you expensive seminars, unnecessary and overpriced packages, or software (and leave you to fend for yourself). We don't lock you into an accounting system that costs tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, or one that is nearly impossible to get out of or grow beyond.  While these platforms can be ideal for defense contractors making more than $30M in annual revenue and/or those having several dozen to hundreds of contracts or jobs (and with an accounting staff that can be intensively trained to use the software), they are not realistic or cost-effective for most small business government contractors and grantees (despite how they may be branded). 

At ReliAscent®, our time is valuable, and we know yours is too. We aren't interested in wasting it with pushy sales tactics, or trying to sell you "services" that you don't need, provide little to no value, or simply set you up for failure.

We're Not Just AccountantsWe're Strategic Financial Consultants: ReliAscent® is a full-service accounting and consulting firm that focuses on making sense of your accounting data and helping you to stay efficient, proactive, profitable, and competitive.  We are not simply a bookkeeping firm (with only one or two experienced employees), or an overpriced CPA firm that serves medium to large-sized contractors.  These accounting firms are a dime a dozen, and generally have two models: 

1) A Bookkeeping firm with a knowledgeable CPA at the head, but several inexperienced bookkeepers doing all the work (simply following a template). 

2) A CPA Firm with overpriced personnel (charging higher rates than ReliAscent®), but lacking Contract Management, and CFO & Business Management expertise and services.

In both cases, your business is left at a disadvantage.


Government Contract Accounting Requirements

An accounting firm that simply follows a template and performs data entry does not provide any real value, other than to (hopefully) keep your business from failing a DCAA audit.  If you are serious about wanting your business to succeed and grow in the highly competitive government contracting industry, you also need to have expertise in: government contract management, administration, and negotiation, business and financial management, IP rights, legal support, and even cybersecurity (NIST and CMMC compliance).  That's a lot of expertise and positions to fill in a company with only a few, or few dozen employees...

That's where ReliAscent® comes in. Our accounting teams possess the necessary skills and expertise required to provide these services to government contractors (and can also offer them on an as-needed basis), all at less than the cost of hiring a single, full-time accountant. After all, our clients are in the business of bringing their unique ideas, solutions, and services to the world; not to spend their time dealing with government compliance and accounting issues!