DCAA Compliant Accounting & Contract Management Services

ReliAscent® is the nation's premier government contract accounting and contract management consulting firm.  What makes ReliAscent different from other government contract consultants? We provide a "complete" solution to Federal Government contractors and grantees—rather than just one piece of the puzzle. We are not simply a bookkeeping firm, nor a consultant looking to sell you a software package and training. ReliAscent specializes in all aspects of contract compliance and management: from installing your compliant accounting system, to performing your monthly accounting services as well as helping manage your contract compliance.  At ReliAscent, it is our mission to partmer with our clients to make their business more successful. 

DCAA Accounting

Government Contract Accounting

  • Monthly and Quarterly Financial Closes
  • Government and Commercial Invoicing
  • Fulfill CFO, Controller, Accounting and Bookkeeper roles
  • Cash Flow
  • Payroll Set Up and Processing
  • Incurred Cost Proposals
  • DCAA Audit Support

Government Contract Management

Contract & Grant Management

  • Proposal Budgets & Rate Development
  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Subcontract Preparation
  • Requests for Equitable Adjustment
  • Contract Terminations
  • Contract Closeouts

Government Contracting Compliance Solutions

Contractor Resources & Training

ReliAscent® has extensive experience with all major Federal Government agencies including critical regulations in the FAR, CFR and OMB related to these agencies.   Our team has a collective experience of over 200 years in government awards and compliance with each agency's requirements.  Most contracting consultants may have some experience, or perhaps one or two people with FAR & DCAA compliance experience, but at ReliAscent®this experience runs through the entire company. 

DCAA Compliance Blog

Government Contracting News & DCAA Blog

Keep up to date with the ReliAscent Blog. Our weekly blog features posts from ReliAscent's experts and our strategic partners in the industry. From accounting and timekeeping software companies, to law firms, capital lending & investment firms, and CPA's, the ReliAscent Blog is your source for industry information, training, and discussion.

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