DCAA Compliant Accounting 

Government Contract Management & Accounting Services by ReliAscent®

ReliAscent® is the nation's premier government contract accounting and consulting firm, specializing in: FAR & DCAA compliant accounting and bookkeeping, government contract management, and outsourced CFO services for contractors and grantees.  Unlike other companies, ReliAscent can provide a "complete" solution to a Federal Government contractor, rather than just one piece (like a piece of software). ReliAscent® has extensive experience with all Federal Government agencies and is also familiar with the CFR, OMB and other regulations that govern Federal awards. Our team has a collective experience of over 200 years in government awards and compliance with each agency's requirements.  Most consultants that companies turn to may have some experience or a few people with experience but at ReliAscent® this experience runs through the entire company.  Unlike other consultants, or doing this in-house, if a person leaves or is transferred, you have a problem.  At ReliAscent® you have a deep and broad experience base you can depend upon. 

Our experts help federal contractors and grantees set up and maintain compliant accounting systems (meeting Federal Acquisition Regulations, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation supplements, Code of Federal Regulations, Office of Management & Budget, DCAA, and other applicable regulations). From installing your system, to monthly accounting services and contract management, ReliAscent® handles it all; no matter which agency you contract with (and it's important to understand that any assistance you request from ReliAscent® will be an allowable cost under your contract). 

What is DCAA Compliance?

When contractors are awarded a contract or grant from the Defense Department, NASA, DHS (and sometimes even the DoE), they are often required to maintain a DCAA compliant system. This means the accounting system must have several components (a compliant general ledger system, a timekeeping system that meets DCAA timekeeping requirements, a way to calculate indirect billing rates, etc.).  The system must be well defined with supporting policies and procedures, and it must me maintained and kept in compliance throughout the duration of the contract (to learn more about the components of a compliant accounting system, download our white paper: "A Quick Guide to the DCAA Compliant Accounting System - Understanding the SF1408"). 

There are many options when it comes to accounting software, and ReliAscent® can help you select the most economical and best fit for your business.  However, most small business contractors rely on QuickBooks®, as it is affordable and easy to use. While QuickBooks® is not compliant out-of-the-box, the QuickBooks® file can be structured in a manner that supports government requirements as well as setting up a number of external, "satellite" systems to make a  system that is compliant. Visit our Accounting System Setup/Install page,to learn more about the process. 

After the system is installed/brought into compliance, contractors choose how to operate and maintain the system.  While most prefer to simply outsource their accounting to our team of experts, there are many options available, and ReliAscent can tailor our services to best fit the needs and budget of every client. To learn more about our accounting services and packages, click here now!

DoE, NIHNSF Accounting

ReliAscent® also provides compliant accounting services for government contractors and SBIR grantees working with the DoE, NIH, NSF and other agencies (as each has its own set of requirements). For SBIR Ph I grantees, we set up a compliant accounting & timekeeping system, and can also provide periodic compliance checks.  For grantees preparing proposals for an NSF SBIR Ph II grant, our experts help companies with their pricing proposals, and also prepare for the CAP (formerly CAAR) Review. To learn more about our other Federal Agency compliant and DCAA accounting services, visit our Agencies page, or contact us today!

DCMA Compliance & Government Contract Management

Proper government contract management is often difficult for small business government contractors- especially those new to contracting. Federal contracts and grants can be very complex and difficult to understand for the uninitiated.  Issues like understanding the myriad of terms and condition, proper negotiation strategies, flow-down of regulations in subcontracts, how to make equitable adjustments and how to properly close out contracts to realize the full award amount are just a few of the items that we see misapplied daily.  ReliAscent® has hundreds of years experience in Federal Government awards management & administration and can help companies navigate this difficult myriad of regulations. 

Outsourced CFO Services

Many small businesses cannot afford the services of a knowledgeable CFO, and yet this critical job function is needed more than ever at a small and growing business.  A CFO experienced with government contracting can skillfully manage indirect rates to maximize growth opportunities for the company.  Outsourcing an experienced ReliAscent® CFO to work for your company can bring these benefits to realization.

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