In an industry filled with cookie-cutter accounting firms offering the same stale approach and limited services, ReliAscent® offers something different to Federal Government Contractors and Grantees.  We are not "just another government contract accounting firm" with one or two experienced CPA's at the top. We don't bate and switch clients, sticking them with inexperienced bookkeepers following templates.  We don't sell software supported by overpriced "document packages," or training services & seminarsleaving you hoping you're compliant.  Instead, we are your partner, the experts you can count on to focus on what we do best so you can focus on your technology or productsthe reason you started your business in the first place.   

ReliAscent® provides each of our clients with an entire accounting team: from the Bookkeeper to the Senior Accountant, Controller, and even a CFO-and-Contracts Manager-in-one...all at less than the cost of hiring a single, full-time accountant (and a team that doesn't go on leave and won't look for another job, or retire, leaving your business scrambling to find a replacement).  Each accounting team also offers complete contract management and outsourced CFO services on a monthly or as-needed basis. And it is access to this knowledge and support that allows ReliAscent® to do something for our clients that other firms cannot: position them for success by identifying and addressing opportunities & problems head-on, with the tools they need to be efficient, proactive, and decisive.

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