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ReliAscent's DCAA accounting and government contract consultants are the partner you need to remain compliant and profitable in the maze of  regulations and systems required for contractor and grant awardees.  ReliAscent has over 175 years of Government Contracting experience with more than 10 degreed accountants, several former CPA’s, 2 NCMA certified contract specialists (including one certified Government Contract Manager), and access to several former DCAA auditors.  In addition, ReliAscent personnel have more than 100 years of QuickBooks® expertise, and extensive experience with other accounting software packages including Great Plains, Peachtree and Deltek to name a few.

ReliAscent can install a DCAA compliant accounting system (and timekeeping system), for any small business contractor, and then run that system (acting as a company's virtual back office); all at a much lower cost than hiring part time and full time employees to run your accounting and other HR functions. Outsourced government accounting and contract administration is the one of the best ways for a small business to reduce costs and protect their bottom line.

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