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Government Contracting Videos

ReliAscent® often releases videos on government contracting to educate small business Federal Contractors on topics including: FAR compliance, DCAA compliant accounting, QuickBooks, DCAA compliant accounting software, and more.

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Government Contracting Pros and Cons

Government Contracting Pros and Cons

What are the costs, benefits and risks associated with contracting with the Federal Government? Prepare your small business to stay compliant and profitable with ReliAscent®.
Outsourced DCAA Compliant Accounting

Outsourced (Virtual) DCAA Compliant Accounting

Most Federal Contractors aren't prepared and adequately trained in DCAA, GAAP accounting and FAR compliance.  Many attempt to do the books on their own, or hire CPA's who are not familiar with the government's requirements---both options can end up costing the business much more than  outsourcing accounting to an expert like ReliAscent®.
 DCAA ICE Submissions

Incurred Cost Proposals

Learn about Incurred Cost Report preparation, submitting your ICE and how ReliAscent® can help your business.
 DCAA Compliant Accounting Software Review  

DCAA Compliant Accounting Software Review

What accounting software packages are available to Small Business Government contractors, and if they're not compliant, how can you make them?  You need to consider which package is right for your business based, on your needs and budget. ReliAscent® can help!
 DCAA Compliant Timekeeping Systems

DCAA Compliant Timekeeping Systems 

ReliAscent® provides government contractors with Federal Government and DCAA-compliant automated or manual timekeeping systems.  The number one finding in a DCAA audit is related to timekeeping, and our staff of accounting, timekeeping and contract management experts can install, operate and maintain your accounting and timekeeping systems, so you can focus on your contract--not your back office!
 A Tale of 3 Contractors

A Tale of 3 Contractors 

What happens to different types of government contractors when they choose to either: do the accounting themselves, hire an inexperienced CPA firm, or hire an expert like ReliAscent®, to do their DCAA & FAR Compliant Accounting.
 ReliAscent Client Testimonial

ReliAscent Customer Testimonial

How ReliAscent® can save your business from the DCAA, and allow you to focus on what you do best---not your back office!
 Is QuickBooks DCAA Compliant?

QuickBooks® DCAA Compliance Review 

ReliAscent® can review you QuickBooks® system to check for DCAA and FAR compliance.  DoD, NASA and DHS Contractors all need Compliant accounting systems to avoid failing DCAA Audits and possibly losing funding or future funding opportunities. 
 Government Contract Accounting

Government Contract Accounting (a 30,000 ft view)

General summary of the basic accounting and timekeeping system requirements place on most small business Federal Contractors.
 Government Proposal Pricing

Federal Government Proposal Pricing

Our Proposal Pricing video outlines the important components of any government proposal pricing effort.
 DCAA Unallowable Costs

DCAA Unallowable Costs

ReliAscent® will review a small business system using the SF 1408 as a guideline to verify that the system is prepared to pass a DCAA audit. This review can be done either remotely or on-site. The confidence level of doing an on-site review is always higher than doing a remote review since ReliAscent® is somewhat limited in what they can review when conducting this review remotely.
 Government Contract Management

Outsourced Government Contract Management

ReliAscent ’s staff has expertise in negotiating and administering Federal Government contracts and grants, as well as subcontracts. Unlike commercial contracting and contracts, the way you price, negotiate and manage your government contract is far different, and guided by a separate set of rules and requirements. From actively managing your indirect rates throughout the duration of the contract, to proper invoicing, having an expert like ReliAscent® is critical!
 DCAA Bookkeeping and Accounting

Outsourced DCAA Compliant Accounting

ReliAscent® provides  DCAA compliant accounting systems and services, in addition to our Federal Contract management and outsourced CFO services.

Whether you need help preparing for and going through a DCAA audit, a Federal Government compliant accounting system installed and operated, help with your Incurred Cost submission (DCAA ICE), or any other issue in your small business, you can count on ReliAscent®!
 DCAA Compliant Timekeeping Software

SpringAhead Timekeeping Software Demo

ReliAscent® is partners with the SpringAhead timekeeping company. SpringAhead's software is easy to use, affordable and DCAA compliant. To learn more about their software and DCAA compliant accounting systems in general, contact ReliAscent® today. 

DoE Indirect Rate Model

DoE Indirect Rate Model Demo - ReliAscent and Dawnbreaker

ReliAscent partners with Dawnbreaker to help DoE and NSF grantees with their ph I proposals and rate development.