Federal Markets Served


At ReliAscent, we serve the accounting and contract administration needs of all government contractors and grantees working with the Defense Department, NASA, the NSF, HHS, DoE, NIH and USDA.

Our accounting and contracting experts can install and/or maintain a compliant accounting system for your small business, and we also provide the critical audit support services (DCAA audit support, Yellow Book Audit support, A133 audits and many others), your company needs when navigating the compliance rat maze of the Federal Government. We are specially equipped to make non-compliant accounting software such as QuickBooks®, PeachTree®, Great Plains® and many others, compliant with the FAR and your contracting agency's requirements.  We can also function as your outsourced/virtual accounting department; providing you compliant government contract accounting and contract administration services at a small fraction of the cost of hiring part and full time staff in-house. 

To learn more about the services we provide small business contractors contracting with different agencies and in different fields, click the links below:

SBIR/STTR Contractors and Grantees

Department of Defense

Department of Energy

National Science Foundation


Health and Human Services/NIH


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