Establishing realistic budgets will not only allow financial management of the company but will also support provisional billing rates proposals.  If the proposal and supporting budget are not prepared correctly, lower indirect rates and reduced cash flow for Government contractors can often result.  In many cases the profitability of a Government contract is heavily dependent on the DCAA provisional rate submissions being correct.  To do this you should ask yourself:

  • What are the procedures for establishing PBRs?
  • When should we submit?
  • What information should we provide?

ReliAscent has worked with hundreds of small businesses over the last 20 years and can efficiently and cost effectively prepare or coach the preparation of a viable budget and DCAA Provisional Rate Submission.  The Budget and Provisional Billing Rates will meet the government’s requirements, as well as, ensure the structure supports the company’s business plans and model.

Some common problems with DCAA Provisional Rate Submissions are typically found in areas such as:

  • Accounting for unallowables
  • Failure to adjust provisional billing rates to actual costs
  • Establishing a Basis of Estimate that is logical, reasonable, allocable, allowable and adequate
  • Supportable and certifiable

ReliAscent has experts that have done hundreds of DCAA provisional rate submissions and can help you do yours correctly.  Call us today.