Government Contract Management

From Contract Negotiation to Closeout, Pricing, and Terminations, ReliAscent® provides the Government Contract Management Services your Small Business Needs to Succeed.

  • Have you ever played a game where you didn't know all the rules? 
  • Do you fully understand the rules of the Federal Government Contracting Game?

It often feel like Federal Government Contracting is just one big game, and our experts understand the DCMA and the implications of the myriad of clauses that you find in a Federal Contract or Grant. Our has a staff with over 170 years combined experience in playing "the game" of DCMA compliance and Federal Government contract management.  Why wouldn't you want this type of experience on your side when you start to play "the game"?

What are some of the key "rules" to the game that could be causing you to play at a disadvantage:

  • Have you priced the original bid correctly to set yourself up to make money during the performance of the contract?  This isn't the commercial world and "loss leaders" don't work well here.  Neither do unfounded numbers, costs and guesses.
  • Do you know how the government will negotiate the contract?  It is not like a commercial negotiation and, with already slim profit margins, companies can get in trouble in the negotiation stage quickly.
  • Do you know how to write subcontracts to keep yourself out of trouble?  Many times there are mandatory flow down requirements that must be part of all purchases, do you know when and were to apply all of these?
  • What if you are losing money on the contract, can you change it?  Many times a government contractor can pursue a constructive change to rectify these situations.  Do you know when to do this and how to do this effectively?
  • Did you know the government can terminate a contract at any time?  This is different from the commercial world and you need to know how to protect yourself and how to react in these situations. 
  • Do you know how to effectively close out a contract to get your full payment?  If the contract isn't closed per the government's rules, you will not receive the full contract dollar amount.

Our staff has expertise in government contract management and "knows the rules" of the game.  Our experts provide contract administration/management compliance for the full life of the contract through contract close out ensuring that all deliverables, reports, and contract requirements are met on a timely basis. Specific government contract management services include:

ReliAscent® can function as a complete government contract management department for your business, so call us today to see how we can help!