Indirect Rates

Stay Profitable & Manage Costs Effectively with our Free Indirect Rates Review

For Government Contractors and Grantees, properly structuring your Indirect Rates is critical to managing your costs effectively and ensuring your small business stays profitable.  If you do not know HOW to properly manage your indirect rates—or if you are not making strategic modifications to your rates at the right times—you could be losing a lot of money.  That is where the experts at ReliAscent come in.

ReliAscent offers the industry’s first, Free Indirect Rates Review.  The review and assessment checklist provide contractors and grantees with sound, valuable advice concerning their indirect rate system/structure relative to compliance, and as a financial engine to grow their company.



How it Works:

Our experts review your indirect rate calculations to see if:

  1. Your accounting/COA easily accommodates indirect rate development.
  2. Your organization has a clear understanding of government indirect rates.
  3. Your indirect pools were/are set up correctly.
  4. Your current structure has the correct bases.
  5. Your rate structure makes sense for your business complexity and government customer.


    6. Discuss forward-looking budgets and rates, and how they affect future proposals and work.

Most contractors can have their rates reviewed and a free assessment in as little as 1 – 3 business days, and all our experts need is an initial brief interview and basic financial information.