DCAA Compliance Review

DCAA Compliant QuickBooks®

Unfortunately, QuickBooks® (Desktop and Online) alone is not DCAA compliant. However, it can be made compliant via the use of a number of add-on systems, as well as restructuring the chart of accounts, setting up a third party payroll processor, and implementing a set of compliant policies and procedures.  Think of these other add-ons, software, and procedures as a "satellite system,"  and the QuickBooks® general ledger requires the “satellites” around it to be fully compliant with Federal Government accounting regulations.  Since QuickBooks® is the core of the system, it is critical that it be set up properly to meet these regulations.

ReliAscent® can evaluate a small business' QuickBooks® file (or other files if QuickBooks is not your General Ledger software), for DCAA, FAR & GAAP compliance requirements to make sure it is set up properly, via our complimentary QuickBooks DCAA Compliance Reviews.  This service is provided free of charge, but only includes a review of the features contained within the QuickBooks® file itself (like segregation of direct and indirect expenses, labor distribution and other general ledger requirements). If you are facing a potential audit or need to ensure your system in 100% compliant, ReliAscent offers our DCAA Mock Audit Services, which provides a complete review of your entire accounting system.

As we have mentioned elsewhere, it is critical to understand that the DCAA does not "approve" your accounting system, nor do they "certify" the system.  Rather, it is up to you, the contractor, to ensure your system is set up to properly, and remains in compliance with FAR and DCAA requirements, in order to pass a DCAA audit (and to pursue cost type, as well as many types of time & material, fixed price with cost reimbursable CLIN's, and incentive type contracts).

Our free QuickBooks DCAA Compliance Reviews are not only helpful to new start-ups looking to work with the Federal Government, but also to well established contractors that may already have a compliant system installed, but would like quick check to to ensure it is being maintained properly.



To start the QuickBooks DCAA Compliance Review Process, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the form on the right to request your QuickBooks DCAA Compliance Review.
  2. Complete a Non-Disclosure agreement with ReliAscent (to get a head start, click here and download the NDA form to fill out and send to ReliAscent today)
  3. Provide ReliAscent® with a summary of your company's current status with respect to contracts, which agencies, contract/grant requirements, etc. (normally a brief phone call)
  4. Send ReliAscent® a backup copy of the company's QuickBooks® file using a secure file transfer mechanism ( ReliAscent® can recommend a method if you don’t have one)
  5. ReliAscent will review the file and provide a simple report of the results
  6. ReliAscent will go over the report with you (a brief phone call)
  7. (Should you choose to proceed), ReliAscent will provide you with a proposal to install a DCAA compliant QuickBooks® accounting system or to convert your existing QuickBooks® system to be in compliance with DCAA and FAR requirements.