Outsourced Government Contract Accounting - How Much Can ReliAscent® Save You?

Most Small Business Government Contractors are surprised to realize that hiring an in-house accountant is often far more expensive than outsourced accounting that is compliant with the FAR, CFR and/or DCAA requirements. 

ReliAscent® can install a DCAA compliantm government contract accounting system, or modify your current accounting system to make it DCAA compliant, and then operate that system acting as your outsourced accounting department (it's as if your accounting department is just down the hall, without the expense of a full time accountant with government contracting and DCAA compliance experience).

Not only can we save you thousands of dollars each month (you don't need to pay us a hefty salary and benefits, and we already have expertise in Government Compliance), but using ReliAscent® gives you access to some of the industry's top experts in government contract management, DCAA Audit Support, FAR & DCAA-Compliance, Marketing and commercialization services.

ReliAscent® created this cost comparison tool to provide prospective clients with a cost assessment of in-house vs. outsourced accounting.  To get your free assessment, fill out the fields in the form below, and one of our experts will contact you shortly.