Government Contractor Operational Planning

Winning proposals is instrumental for increasing revenue and also in laying the groundwork for business growth with a strong financial structure.   Government research contracts are awarded for technically superior product &/or service concepts and are based on the ability to get the best technology at a reasonable and competitive price.  This is different from commercial contracts which focus on the best price for a reasonable and competitive product.   Government Contractor Operational Planning can impact the strategic direction or plan of the company.  This strategic plan should be reflected in any proposal to the government for further awards.  Questions every contractor needs to ask prior to writing a proposal include:

  •          Are your costs reasonable and competitive? 
  •          Is your product the best technology available?
  •          Is your product &/or service the highest quality available?
  •          Have you developed a commercialization strategy for research awards like SBIR/STTR?
  •          Does your small business have the proper infrastructure to support the new award and/or further growth?  How will you get there?
  •          Do you have a strategic plan for your business to guide the growth of the business?

Properly prepared cost volumes in proposals allow you to adjust your rates to help your business grow financially by creating cost recovery strategies for developing:

  •          Internal Research and Development (IR&D)
  •          Intellectual property development and management strategies
  •          Marketing and sales
  •          Bid and proposal business development
  •          Equipment purchases and depreciation
  •          Facility growth and maintenance
  •          Retirement plans
  •          Health/Dental plans

ReliAscent will assist in developing a winning proposal preparation process.  We also provide a third party review for clarity, readability, and structure.   Most importantly, ReliAscent will review and prepare the budget and budget justification file for the proposal pricing efforts.  Proposals and cost volumes are instrumental in evolving your billing and actual rates in a direction to optimize value to your organization.

What about your strategic plan?  ReliAscent can help with formulating a strategic plan and figuring a direction for the business.  ReliAscent has helped many businesses navigate the troubled waters of early stage business development.  Please call today.