Top 10 Reasons You Need a Government Contract Manager

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Contract Management/Administration is one of the most challenging aspects of government contracting, and far too critical to your bottom line to ignore or handle on you own!  Failing to properly manage your contracts can lead to severe and painful consequences—so stay compliant, and outsource your contract management to NCMA-certified FAR and DCAA experts like ReliAscent! If you would like to learn how outsourced Contract Management can save you headaches and increase profits, call us today.


1)      To make sure your proposal is priced properly. You need to understand the particular pricing rules depending on whether you are a subcontractor or a prime. Certain agencies or procurements also have specific pricing rules and limitations.

2)      To properly analyze all of the referenced Federal Government contract clauses. Regulatory environments can be very different depending on the specific procurement or grant activity.

3)      To negotiate the best deal for the company without leaving any money on the table. It’s often helpful to have a skilled second party be the negotiator with the other side. This reduces the confrontational environment.

4)      Manage contract performance to avoid cost overruns. A skilled contract manager should be able to detect contract performance risks and provide alternatives to mitigating risks.

5)      Manage contract performance to ensure timely delivery. See above.

6)      Manage contract performance to ensure the company makes the profit they budgeted. See above.

7)      To monitor potential changes in scope and ensure this is incorporated into the contract with proper consideration. The more complex the contracting environment becomes, managing changes to the contract is a major contributor to realizing profit.

8) To ensure the company manages their intellectual property rights without inadvertently giving     away rights. This starts at the proposal phase with reporting requirements throughout a contract or grant.

9)      Make sure that the proper terms and conditions are properly flowed down to subcontracts. Proper management of subcontractors is critical to profitable performance.

10)   Close out the contract properly so that the company is positioned for future business. This includes making sure government performance reviews are fair.


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