DPAP seeking input on the FAR

The Directorate of Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP) has requested input on the statutes and regulations that govern the purchasing process.  Originally the DPAP requested all comments 30 days from the announcement on February 12th.  Many industry organizations, including the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA), pushed back and the DPAP office has granted another month to solicit opinions.  The new deadline for comments to the DPAP office is April 23rd.  The DPAP office is looking primarily for:

  1. The particular impact associated with a specific statute or regulation
  2. Why the identified impact does not achieve the intended benefit or why the benefit is not helpful to the Department
  3. Any recommendations for alternative approaches to achieve the intended benefit of the underlying legislation

Your input may be submitted to:

Mr. Michael Canales, Room 5E621,
3060 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301-3060. Comments may
also be submitted by fax at (703) 614-1254, or by email at

You could also submit input to the NDIA office as they are compiling a complete response to the DPAP.  NDIA is asking to give particular focus to regulations that you would like removed from DFARS (and federal law, the FAR, or internal DoD guidance memoranda), specifically regulations that do not generate much benefit that can be easily unwound without further significant cost to industry. If you want your comments included in the NDIA response, please be sure to get the comments to the NDIA office by March 24th so they have time to compile the complete response to DPAP.

While it is unrealistic to imagine someone reading through all the FAR, DFARS and other procurement regulations and commenting on them all, this is a perfect opportunity for you to voice your concern with certain regulations that have caused you some difficulty.  The comments received by the DPAP will go into a recommendation to the Secretary of Defense for possible revisions and improvements to the regulations. So if you have some issues with some of the procurement policy of the Federal Government, specifically the Department of Defense, now is the time to speak up. If you want to talk about a particular pet peeve you have, give me a call, I'll be glad to discuss it with you too.


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