Helping Government Contractors Through the Pandemic and Beyond

ReliAscent is open, resilient, and here to help your business navigate dangerous waters during these difficult times. 

I never expected to see a Pandemic that brought the world to its knees in my lifetime, and yet, here we are.  Many of us are learning to work from home (if we are lucky enough to continue working).  At ReliAscent we are used to working remotely with our clients, and we have enjoyed a company benefit for the last year of working remotely from our office on Fridays.  

Having this experience, we were poised to work 100% remotely when the Pandemic hit. We took important steps to social distance and move to a telework environment well before mandatory “stay at home” orders were issued.  We have a secure IT system that includes our segmented portion of the AWS GovCloud (US) so we can be assured of data security.  ReliAscent has used the Amazon cloud for storing client data for many years and completed a successful complete transfer to the AWS GovCloud (US) portion several years ago.   ReliAscent also has a corporate plan for 2020 to move our cyber security level from a CMMC defined level 1 to a Level 3.   While we are not there yet, many systems are in place, and we are in process of installing the full set of practices and processes required for the CMMC level 3 requirements. 

ReliAscent is founded on our 3 pillar approach to servicing our clients:

  • Compliant Government Accounting
  • Compliant Government Contract Administration/Management
  • Strategic Financial Advice & Planning  

These pillars are particularly important considering the many new issues flooding Government Contractors now with the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), and the newly passed CARES Act.  Additionally, many contractors may be wondering what happens if they cannot complete work because a supplier is either forced out of business or delayed due to granting leave to key employees under the FFCRA? 

ReliAscent can your business help navigate these issues.

The bottom line here is that the world is changing—but your guide, your "lighthouse" in the Government Contracting world, is and will always be here to serve you. I hope that you and your employees can stay safe during this difficult time.  If you need help figuring out how to keep your business safe as well, please contact us.


Mike Anderson


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