NAV / PVBS - DCAA Compliant Accounting Software

A small business that is a government contractor doesn't have a lot of choices for DCAA compliant accounting software.  Most small businesses start by using QuickBooks®.  While QuickBooks® is a very good accounting system for a small business, it is not designed to meet DCAA requirements.  There are ways to make a QuickBooks® based system into a DCAA compliant accounting system (ReliAscent has been doing this for years), it involves integration of several different pieces.  The operation of this type of system can become cumbersome as the company grows in either employees or number of government jobs or both.  In the past, many growing small businesses looked to software such as the Deltek GCS Premier® product to accommodate the growth.  The Deltek product has been recognized as the "industry standard" for many years.  While this is a solution, some of the complaints from small business has focused around the age of the software, the cost of the software and the inflexibility and difficulty of use of the software. 

There are other choices out there for making a robust and dynamic solution that is designed to be a DCAA compliant accounting software package.  One such system is a Microsoft product call NAV that is modified by the folks at Pleasant Valley Business Solutions (PVBS). The NAV software has a tremendous installed base of users, over 100,000 users.  The software is solid, well designed and has a lot of the "Microsoft feel" to it that most users will identify with.  The core system provides for basic accounting and then there are a number of add on modules that allow each business to tailor the software to their particular needs at the time.  For instance, as a company grows the need for project management becomes more pressing.  The NAV software has a project management module that can be added at any time.  In addition, the product integrates smoothly with Microsoft Project software.  As a matter of fact, the NAV platform integrates with most Microsoft products including SharePoint, Office, Outlook, Project, SQL Server Analysis and SQL Server Reporting Services.  Since most computer users today are already familiar with Microsoft tools, this software is a perfect solution. 

I'm also impressed with the reports and the dashboard features of this software.  Very impressive management tools.  I am very visually oriented so any time I can see financial data represented as a picture or as a graph, it means a lot to me and tells a lot of information in a very short time.  There are many such features in the PVBS solution.  If you are currently using a QuickBooks®, or other "non-compliant out of the box" solution, I highly recommend that you consider the PVBS system.  I would be happy to talk with you about it.  ReliAscent is experienced with a lot of different solutions to DCAA compliant accounting software and can give you advice on what type of system fits your situation best.


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