OASIS SB Poised to Save the Government money

The GSA contract vehicle called One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) Small Business (SB) is now available for use by government agencies.  this contract is expected to save the government significant money while authorizing about $80 Billion per year in spending.  The Air Force already committed to use this vehicle rather than establish their own IDIQ vehicle which will result in approximately $1.4 Billion in spending in this area alone.  The OASIS SB contract is 100% set-aside for small business and there is also an OASIS contract that is open enrollment but designed to subcontract at least 50% to small business.  The pre-solicitation came out a little over a year ago and the RFP solicited government contractors late last summer and fall.  Recently, June 20, 1014, the list of successful bidders was released by the the US General Services Administration (GSA).  We have discussed this contract a couple of times in the past on how the vehicle is designed to find the top suppliers and foster relationships with those companies.  The "cream of the crop" of suppliers for services to the government.  As a result, the government (translate; the taxpayer) is expected to save a significant amount of money.  The contractors selected for this contract all had to pass stringent requirements related to quality, on-time delivery, accounting systems and purchasing systems to name a few criteria.

The contract has not been without a few "bumps in the road" to get it implemented.  As you can see above, it has been almost a year since the solicitation requested proposals.   Last week, both the Court of Federal Claims (COFC) and Government Accountability Office (GAO) dismissed several protests filed on OASIS SB allowing GSA to issue the notice that OASIS is ready to use. 

For those small businesses that are not OASIS contract holders, you may find opportunities with the list of OASIS contractors.  I would identify which of the 7 business areas that you fall under and then contact the businesses in those business areas from the list of OASIS contractors released last week (to get the list, scroll down to the bottom of this Fed Biz Ops notice and click on the "Awards Notice" at the bottom).  I highly encourage small businesses to form partner relationships with both the OASIS SB contract as well as the OASIS (for open competition) contract.  These new contract vehicles may be a tremendous opportunity for those contractors that supply mainly services to the government.  It is worth remembering that the Primes holding OASIS contracts are required to have DCAA compliant accounting systems and, depending on the contract that is negotiated in partnership with them, most likely subcontractors will be required to have compliant accounting systems.  ReliAscent can help with that, please give us a call.


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