Visual help for Government Contractors

I tend to be a visual person and I think a lot of people are like me.  That is why our world has changed so much to focus on tools like portable phones with video displays, touch screen devices and even access to things like television on your cell phone.  I comprehend topics better when I can see them as opposed to just reading about it. 

Keeping all of this in mind, we are making an effort at ReliAscent to utilize this knowledge to help our client base and interested parties better understand government contracting.  You may have already noticed our "Welcome Video" on the homepage.  This is a very short video designed to give a quick overview of what our corporate mission is.   In addition we have produced a slightly longer video (about 5 minutes) that describe the difficulties faced by SBIR awardees in a video called "A Tale of 3 Contractors".    I think this video is well worth the 5 minutes to invest for any small business that is just entering into the SBIR world.  It is even worthwhile for companies that have struggled with SBIR awards. 

During the month of August, ReliAscent has released 2 new videos related to contract administration of government contracts.  I think these videos are very informative and will be a resource for both our clients and to small contractors that are lost in the maze of government regulations.   The first video is a very short video (about a minute) about Government Contract "Proposal Pricing".  The second video just released is entitled "Federal Accounting Requirements, A 30,000' Overview".  Again, this video is short - about a minute.  We have purposely kept the videos short to try to give an understandable overview.  The details behind the topics on these videos are a much more complex subject.  This detail can require years of experience and research to support.  Our goal at ReliAscent is to help our clients by providing access to our experience and research on these topics.  This saves the small business a lot of what I call "brain damage" in researching and trying to find these answers. 

ReliAscent is undergoing a program to make and release a number of new videos to supplement the already existing videos.  There will probably by 10 or 12 new videos on the website before the end of the year on such topics as "a 30,000 foot view of an approved accounting system", "Proposal Pricing" (both of which are already released), "ICE guidelines", "SF-1408", and a host of others.  Keep your eyes open for this new content as I am excited to be able to provide this to our client base and interested parties.  Please take a look at the current videos that might be of interest to you.  Certainly all of these will not be of interest to your situation but I'm willing to bet that there will be something of interest to everyone by the time we get these videos populated on the website.