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Does Shutdown mean Termination for Convenience?

Posted by Mike Anderson on Mon, Oct 07, 2013 @ 12:50 PM

We have to ask ourselves what some of the underlying causes of the government shutdown are.  Certainly there is the debate about the health care plan, but that is too obvious.  The counter argument is all about the budget and about the spiraling federal deficit.  Even the argument about the health care is deeply rooted in the budget talks (can the government afford this program?).  So, when you combine the effects of Sequestration from earlier this year (which continues into 2014 by the way) with the current squabble over the budget and deficit, will this find its way to the business sector outside of government?  My immediate concern today is with the pool of government contractors and whether or not they would be faced not only a crippling reduction of cash flow but possible contract termination.  I don't know how many contractors know the process for termination for convenience of a government contract.  I will try to summarize that here. 

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Topics: Federal Government, Shutdown, Termination for Convenience, T4C