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At ReliAscent, we understand the SBIR/STTR awardee; their needs, and the requirements they face. Our primary goal is to help the Phase I award winner maximize their ability to win a Phase II award and then help the Phase II awardee by performing onerous tasks such as operating DCAA compliant accounting systems.  This allows the award winner to concentrate on their award and what makes them money while ReliAscent focuses on the SBIR accounting system requirements.  We do this by helping control costs by providing just-in-time services on and as-needed basis, so that you will hit the ground running in Phase II.

ReliAscent recommends that the SBIR/STTR award winner start developing the foundation for a compliant Federal Government/DCAA  accounting system during Phase I of the program (please note that there are no official "DCAA Approved Accounting Systems, only DCAA compliant accounting systems out of the box or made compliant with add-ons).  This means installing an accounting system that will be capable in the future of doing all the things that are required by the government in a FAR part 31 compliant accounting system that will be required in Phase II.  The foundation includes:

  • Set up the general ledger in a format that the government requires and understands
  • Set up a method for labor distribution
  • Set up a system for collecting and isolating unallowable expenses
  • Set up a timekeeping system that will meet the government's requirements (Phase I is the ideal time to start this as there can be issues getting the timekeeping system quickly adapted by all personnel and fully operational)
  • Set up a pool structure for all accounts to facilitate calculation of indirect billing rates required in Phase II

SBIR Companies Need Help With Strategic Planning

ReliAscent personnel have participated in the SBIR/STTR program for over 20 years and not only have the knowledge but also have a vested interest in helping companies succeed in this program.  ReliAscent's SBIR/STTR experience, from helping with DCAA compliant accounting systems to actually writing and winning awards, is unparalleled in the industry.  ReliAscent can also provide outsourced Executive Management services to a small business.  This "third party" second opinion can be a valuable tool for a small business in their growth.  ReliAscent has experienced CFO personnel, CMO and CEO type personnel that can help a small business grow.  Normally a small business would not have access to such powerful help.

In Addition, ReliAscent has participated in numerous SBIR conferences.  Currently Russ Farmer, of ReliAscent, is the chairman of a joint committee  for DCAA/DCMA issues co-sponsored by the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA) and the Small Business Technology Council (SBTC) to represent small business concerns and find resolutions with the DCAA & DCMA organizations.  ReliAscent cares about small business and the success of the SBIR/STTR programs. 

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