ReliAscent® is a unique accounting and consulting firm in the Government Contracting Industry.  ReliAscent® is not "just a bookkeeping or accounting firm," and we don't exclusively sell software or provide training services to businesses.  Instead, we are an outsourced partner for small to mid-sized businesses working with the Department of Defense, NASA, NSF, DoE, NIH, and across the Federal Government as a whole. Our team not only provides a-la-cart consulting in all aspects of Federal Government awards compliance; we also offer complete outsourced help from monthly accounting, to contract management, and financial & business consulting services.

The combination of these three core services—all under one roof and within each accounting team—forms what we call the "3 Pillars of Government Contracting Success."  These 3 Pillars allow contractors & grantees to focus on what they do best and save thousands of dollars each month. Most importantly, access to this knowledge base and support allows ReliAscent to do something for small businesses that other bookkeeping and CPA firms cannot: position them for success by identifying and addressing opportunities & problems early and head-on, with the expertise they need to be efficient, proactive, and decisive.

ReliAscent® uses the latest secure and efficient cloud-based accounting tools, so that no matter where your company is located, you have the comfort of knowing that you are compliant, and your accounting is in the hands of the experts, at all times.  ReliAscent® has over 30 years experience in government contracts and accounting compliance, and has evolved to be the best in the industry for helping small to mid-sized companies be successful in the Federal Government Marketplace.

DCAA Accounting

DCAA Compliant Accounting

• Monthly and Quarterly Financial Closes
• Government and Commercial Invoicing
• Fullfill Accounting Bookkeeper Roles
• Fulfill Controller and CFO Roles
• Cash Flow
• Payroll Set Up and Processing
• Incurred Cost Proposals
• DCAA Audit Support

Government Contract Management

Contract Management

• Proposal Budgets & Rate Development
• Contract Administration
• Contract & Bid Reviews
• Contract Negotiations
• Subcontract Preparation
• Requests for Equitable Adjustment
• Contract Terminations
• Contract Closeouts

Government Contracting Compliance Solutions

Financial & Business Consulting

 Indirect Rate Management
 Annual Budget Prep and Review
 Project Performance Monitoring
 External Financing
 Policies & Procedures
 Strategic Planning
 Inventory Management
 Internal Controls

Our team members have extensive experience with all major Federal Government agencies including critical regulations in the FAR, CFR and OMB related to these agencies.   We have a collective experience of over 200 years in government awards and compliance with each agency's requirements.  Most contracting consultants may have some experience, or perhaps one or two people with FAR & DCAA compliance experience, but at ReliAscent® this experience runs through the entire company. 

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