Contract Cost Proposals - Setting Yourself Up For Success

Government Contract Cost Proposals

In the world of government contracting, one of the most painful—yet easily preventable—mistakes contractors and grantees make, is making critical errors in the cost & pricing section of a proposal.  While putting together a list of estimates for things like time, materials, equipment, and travel may sound easy enough, the unfortunate reality is that many contractors have trouble with this section (or they simply opt for the “safe rates”), and quickly find themselves in a money-losing contract.

In reality, putting together a proper cost proposal is no small task.  There are different rules and rates, pools and bases, awarding agency requirements, and other factors to consider.  There are also certain steps one needs to take when calculating rates, or when estimating your labor hours.  Make a mistake, and even the drastic step of reducing your fee to ZERO means many contractors still end up losing money on a contract!

At ReliAscent, our team of contract management and DCAA compliance experts have over 150 combined years of contract management and cost proposal preparation experience, and we can help to ensure you set yourself up for success from the start. 

To learn more about how ReliAscent can help, download our latest white paper: “Preparing a Government Contract Cost Proposal,” and/or contact us at any time.