DoD SBIR/STTR 2016.2/B Topics Released

ReliAscent would like to remind all contractors that the Defense Department (DoD), released the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) 2016.2, and the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) 2016.B, topics today (the solicitation is now open for the pre-release time period).  

To get the Solicitation's Topic Descriptions and Instructions (available in HTML, PDF, and WORD formats), please click the link below:


There are a few important points and dates you should remember if you plan on submitting a proposal:

April 22, 2016Pre-Release solicitation opens. During this time, contractors can submit questions and speak directly with the Topic Authors. This is a valuable opportunity for contractors to introduce themselves, gain a better understanding of the Topic, and what the Authors and Agencies are looking for in proposals. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND CONTRACTORS USE THIS OPPORTUNITY. This is a very limited window, and can be extremely important when drafting your proposal.

May 23, 2016:   Solicitation opens for submission of SBIR and STTR proposals. IMPORTANT: direct communication between Proposers and Topic Authors is no longer allowed. Proposers can still submit written questions through the SBIR/STTR Interactive Topic Information System (SITIS). However, in this forum, the  questioner and respondent remain anonymous and all questions and answers are posted electronically for general viewing.

June 22. 2016  Solicitation closes to receipt of proposals at 6:00 AM ET. Make sure to plan ahead and submit early!

We wish you the best of luck, and remember: if you have any questions about DCAA Compliant Accounting or Government Contracting in general, do not hesitate to contact the experts at ReliAscent. 

At ReliAscent, the Success of our Clients, and all Small Business Government Contractors, is our Top Priority!