Free QuickBooks DCAA Compliance Review

QuickBooks DCAA Compliance Review

Government Contractors: do you know if your accounting system is DCAA compliant?  When was the last time it was audited? Has it been properly maintained since?

What if you have a grant with the Department of Energy (DoE), or National Institutes of Health (NIH)? Do you know if your accounting system meets 10 CFR 600 or 45 CFR 74?  Are you aware of the risks posed to your company by not having a compliant accounting or timekeeping system? 

An evaluation of your accounting system today could save you severe (and costly) headaches when the Federal Government comes knocking. This evaluation can:

  • Identify “gaps” in your system compliance
  • Identify systems outside of the QuickBooks general ledger program that would be needed for full compliance
  • Prepare you so you are ready to pass your next audit
Do not jeopardize your company’s cash flow and security! Contact ReliAscent today to schedule your Free QuickBooks DCAA Compliance Review.


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