Free QuickBooks DCAA Compliance Reviews for Government Contractors

If your small business contracts with the Department of Defense and it has been several years since your last DCAA audit, how do you know whether or not your accounting system (not just your software), is DCAA compliant? 

Or, if you have contracts or grants with the Department of Energy, Health and Human Services, or National Institutes of Health, does your accounting system meet 10 CFR 600 or 45 CFR 74? 

The first step in determining compliance is evaluating your general ledger system, and ReliAscent is here to help!  To get your business back on track and reduce the risk of a failed audit, our experts offer Free QuickBooks DCAA Compliance Reviews to all contractors and grantees. 

This evaluation can:

  • Identify “gaps” in your General Ledger system compliance
  • Identify systems outside of the general ledger program that would be needed for full compliance
  • Assist in developing a plan for “fixing” the system

Contact us today to schedule your free review! 


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