Government Contractors Deserve more than Just an Accounting Firm

Small Business Government Contractors and Grantees have enough on their plates just trying to keep the lights on, grow the business, and make a profit. In many cases, outsourcing certain functions like accounting, can be an efficient way to gain the expertise and help that they need to free up valuable time and focus on their direct work.

Unfortunately, bookkeeping and CPA firms are a dime a dozen, and choosing the wrong one could open your business to a number of risks—many you may not even be aware of.

While many accounting & bookkeeping firms offer services to federal contractors, they lack critical skill sets and experience levels that your business needs to not only maintain your accounting system, but ensure contract compliance, strategic growth, and profitability as well. 

That’s what fundamentally sets ReliAscent apart from everyone else in our industry.  ReliAscent is unique because we are structured around the "3 Pillars" of services that contractors and grantees need to form a successful, profit-driving foundation.  These pillars are: DCAA Compliant AccountingContract Management, and Business & Strategic Financial Consulting services.

To learn more about how ReliAscent can position your company for success, contact us today!