Government Contractors Need More Than "Just an Accounting Firm"

When you decide that you need expert help in Government Contracting, what do you look for in a partner?  Do you want someone with experience running a small business like yours?  Does the depth and breadth of experience really matter?  Are there other factors besides just having your accounting system comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulations?

Most Federal Government Contractors have likely come across—or even worked with—companies that advertise FAR and DCAA compliant accounting services or systems.  While these companies may offer bookkeeping or accounting (or a software solution to initially bring your system into compliance), each lack critical skill sets and services that a small business needs to not only maintain their accounting system, but ensure contract compliance and profitability as well. This leaves small business contractors open to risks many aren’t even aware of until it’s too late.

When you put your business in the hands of companies that are not skilled in important areas like: strategic financial planning, budget & profit planning, indirect cost rate management, contract negotiations, closeouts, & modifications, and other critical contract and business management services, you open yourself up to reduced profits and increased risk of failed audits.

At ReliAscent, what makes us unique is that we are built on a solid triad of skills for a profit driving foundation.  We are not simply a bookkeeping or accounting firm, nor do we exclusively sell software or training services to contractors and grantees.  We are your modern day outsourced partner; providing you with the DCAA Compliant Accounting, Contract Management, and Business & Strategic Financial Consulting services you need to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

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At ReliAscent, the success of our clients and all government contractors and grantees is our top priority!


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