Is it Time to Consider Outsourcing Your Government Contract Accounting?

Do you find yourself struggling with FAR & DCAA compliance requirements, worrying if you will make a profit on a government contract or grant, or barely staying profitable each yearyet you already have an accounting department or firm that should be handling this for you?  

Have you ever considered how outsourcing some portion ofor your entire accounting department out toan expert like ReliAscent could save your business a lot of money?  It also mitigates risk and increases your expertise within the company relative to the myriad of regulations, at no real additional cost!

Outsourcing a critical function like DCAA & FAR compliant accounting services (or government contract and grant management and CFO & financial management services), can save many companies thousands of dollars each month.  With a team of outsourced experts, you get the top talent in the industry, yet only pay for what you need, when you need it!

Now may be a great time to consider outsourcing the headache of FAR and DCAA compliance to the experts, and start focusing on what you do best!  To learn more about how  ReliAscent can help your business, contact us today. 


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