Outsourcing Low ROI Tasks in Turbulent Times

You Didnt Come this far to only come this far

More and more companies are learning that outsourcing certain tasks makes a lot of sense these days, especially when running a successful small business in turbulent times. For Federal Government Contractors & Grantees, outsourcing complex tasks like compliant accounting, contract & grant management, and CFO services, can not only save you money, but is safe, reliable, reasonable, and proactive.

While these tasks are routine, they follow strict and highly complex guidelines and having experts navigate these waters on a “pay as you use” basis, makes these tasks easier for small businesses. This method also ensures the small business has a much higher knowledge and expertise level than would be afforded with a single employee (or owner) performing and maintaining compliance. Outsourcing also allows the small business to focus on higher ROI activities and direct contract work—what they do best!

At ReliAscent, our team of DCAA and FAR compliance experts can act as your outsourced accounting and/or contracts department. Outsourcing saves thousands of dollars each month over an experienced in-house accountant (or can help to reduce the burden on your current accounting and senior management team), and can even identify and address problems or opportunities early and head-on, with the expertise you need.

To learn more about how outsourced government/DCAA compliant accounting, contract and grant management, and business & financial consultation services can save your business money and set you up for success, contact us today.