ReliAscent Partners with Martensen IP

ReliAscent is proud to announce our partnership with Martensen, a law firm specializing in intellectual property (IP) and serving businesses contracting with the Federal Government.  Martensen offers critically important, often overlooked services to contractors/grantees, and we highly recommend all businesses have their IP protection strategies professionally evaluated prior to submitting any proposal to the Government or any other entity.

Why is having an IP protection strategy and using expert IP counselors from Martensen so critical to your business?

Simply put: the U.S. government is highly dependent on IP---the vast majority of which sources from small and emerging companies. Average federal spending on IP tops $150 billion! At the same time, IP is the lifeblood of entrepreneurial companies, especially those engaged in leading-edge technology and especially those working in the SBIR world.

IP rights – in patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights – are the only guardian standing between your idea, your invention, your brand, and a competitor who would steal them all and leave your company in the dust. The great puzzle, then, is how to obtain government funding while also protecting and maintaining your IP rights. Further complicating the dilemma, a myriad of legal rules unique to government IP contracts, make an already-complicated system even more complex. Consequently, developing an IP strategy to create and maintain competitive advantages in both government and commercial markets requires a thorough understanding of the distinctions between the two, and is far from simple: That’s where Martensen comes in.

Martensen is an IP-focused law firm whose mission is to enable high-tech entrepreneurs to leverage government funding while protecting their IP for later use, either in follow-on government contracting or within the broader commercial markets. Martensen’s team is uniquely qualified to execute this mission: Martensen’s attorneys and IP professionals operate at the intersection of IP law, business and business law, high-tech engineering, and government contracting, acquisition and procurement to create tailored IP strategies and ensure the success and competitive advantage of the high-tech innovator or software engineer.

Don’t trust your most critical asset to chance, nor to a firm that treats the multifaceted world of IP like a part-time hobby: IP is Martensen’s sole focus! Trust the experts. Martensen ensures its clients’ technology remains their property and is available for commercial development during and after fulfillment of the government contract.

Bottom Line: The intersection of the worlds of government contracting and intellectual property is not a place for the uninitiated. Many legal experts understand IP. Some understand government contracting. Some even have experience on the “other side of the fence” as the government customer. Only a handful can lay claim to all three: Martensen IP is at the very top of this select list---which is why ReliAscent views them as such a valuable partner!

Don’t trust your dreams to legal amateurs who treat government IP contracts as a sideshow. Trust them to the recognized expert: Martensen.


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