ReliAscent's Quick Guide to Incurred Cost Proposals

ReliAscent® would like to remind all government contractors that if you had a Cost Reimbursable type contract in 2023, your Incurred Cost Proposal / DCAA ICE Submission is due 6 months after the end of your FY (per FAR 52.216-7).  If your FY ends on Dec 31st, that means your submission deadline is rapidly approaching, and it's time to get started!

Just like you shouldn't wait until April 1st to select your accountant and start your tax return, you shouldn't wait any longer to select a qualified government contract accounting firm to help you with your ICE.  The experts at ReliAscent have completed thousands of Incurred Cost Proposals for contractors over the last 20+ years, and can alleviate the stress of this process.

To help contractors better understand the ICE, we've just released ReliAscent's "Quick Guide to Incurred Cost Proposals."

ReliAscents Quick Guide to Incurred Cost Proposals 


We hope you find this guide helpful, and please contact us today to help you prepare your 2023 ICE.  Slots are filling up fast and the time to act is now!


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