DCAA audits becoming more stringent


Since the DCAA memo released in December (see our blog: "DCAA 2008 Year End Guidance, Happy Holidays, Government Contractors") we have noticed a trend from the DCAA becoming more strict in their interpretation of the regulations.  This trend culminated last week in a very difficult DCAA audit (probably the most difficult we have ever seen).  This audit would have gone very smoothly in the past but due to the added intensity from the DCAA, it became very difficult and almost confrontational.  The end result is that this contractor is still negotiating with the DCAA about issues.   At Tech Biz we currently have 2 former DCAA auditors on our staff and they are extremely knowledgeable in navigating these new directions set down from the DCAA office.  In short, we are in a unique position to be able to truly help small businesses with these issues.  


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