Happy Thanksgiving from TechBiz Solutions

Sometimes we forget the real meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday.  At the risk of sounding like an actor that has not rehearsed his acceptance speech when receiving an Academy Award, here is an incomplete list at best.

This is a time to reflect on all the blessings we have in our lives and give thanks for that.  I'm thankful for being able to live in a country where I'm free to do as I please, think as I please and live as I please.  I'm thankful for my health (even though healthcare is too expensive) to be able to pursue these dreams.  I want to thank every member of the United States military and their families for helping protect those freedoms!  I also want to thank those working so diligently to make this country "go" and to recover from a serious economic slump.  I would like to thank all public servants such as the Police, Fire Departments, Teachers and others.  And we at Tech Biz Solutions are thankful for our clients and customers who have seen fit to have confidence in our services and help.  

And finally I must thank my family and co-workers for putting up with me for another year.  If we all look, we have many blessings to be thankful for. 


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