SBIR Re-authorization, Part V

The latest on the SBIR re-authorization is not necessarily good news.  House Representative Jason Altmire (D-PA) is trying to bypass negotiation with the Senate version of the re-authorization bill by incorporating the House version into the Jobs bill.  Remember that the house version wanted to increase the amount of each award (thereby reducing the number of awards) and it also allowed the involvement of the Venture Capital industry.  There is also some concern that the reauthorization term would be limited too.   It just doesn’t feel right.  Is congress too busy to do justice to the SBIR re-authorization?  They have postponed it and extended deadlines so many times over the last 1 ½ years that it takes on the look of the “ugly stepchild”.  I think we all should write our representatives in congress and demand action.  Here is a site that allows you to do that very easily – without research.


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