Money in FY 2010 Budget still available

There appears to be a lot of "unspent" money left in the FY 2010 budget that has not yet been spent.  Some estimates show that there is over $110 Billion that has not been spent and there are only 2 months left in the fiscal year. Now, given the state of the economy and the trend of the Obama Administration, it may not all get spent this year.  Especially when you consider the President's State of the Union address where he proposed a "freeze" on spending other than for National Security.  But when you look at where the funds are available, there is over $70 Billion of Department of Defense money not yet spent and over $700 Million between International Assistance & the State Department.  Certainly if a contractor has a product or service that would be of value to the government and you know who to talk with in the procurement group, now would be the time to talk with them about getting a government contract in place before the end of the fiscal year.  Those funds will either not be available in the first place next year or the contracting organization will be under a lot more scrutiny in making purchases.  The window of opportunity for just about any small business getting into government contracting may be closing somewhat in the near future.  It's like my old high school football coach used to say: "The train is getting ready to leave the station and either you are on the train or you will be left in the station".


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