CCAT opportunities for government contracting for new innovations.

There are currently several opportunities for funding to bring products into the hands of the first responder and other DoD users from the Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technology (CCAT).  For instance, if you have used the SBIR program to fund product development but you are not quite to the commercialization stage and need funding to get this product into an introductory market, this could be your opportunity.  There are currently 4 solicitations from the CCAT on their website:

  • CCAT Solicitation (partner with SPAWAR)
  • T2 Solicitation - open to DoD Laboratories & academic institutions only
  • 1401 Solicitation
  • DHS Solicitation - solicitation closed September 30th

Many of these funding opportunities are open to small businesses.  The due date on the two (CCAT & 1401) has been extended from November 5 to November 18th.  So if you have a product that fits the needs described in their announcement and you need help to get it to market, don't delay any longer and look at the solicitation.    


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