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Posted by Mike Anderson on Thu, Jun 07, 2012 @ 01:57 PM

As of June 1st, Tech BizSolutions, Inc. has merged with PBC, Inc of Denver to form a new company called ReliAscent, LLC.  ReliAscent will still offer all of the same services that Tech BizSolutions and PBC offered individually.  In addition, ReliAscent will offer services based on the synergy of bringing these two successful organizations under one roof.  For instance, PBC has very detailed technical accounting knowledge to add to the Tech Biz accounting knowledge base.  Tech BizSolutions has a wealth of contract management knowledge to add to the base of PBC's knowledge of government contracts.  PBC has focused on the SBIR/STTR market in the past and brings intimate knowledge of this contract vehicle to the offering.  Tech BizSolutions has offered services to all types of government contractors including Broad Agency Announcements, IDIQ contracts, GSA schedules, Seaport-e contracts, EFAST contracts and other contracting vehicles.  PBC brings a strong working knowledge of the 8(a) program and other specialized contracting vehicles. ReliAscent Group

The bottom line is that we believe the synergy of working together will be much greater than the sum of the two individual companies.  We envision that someday we can provide complete, compliant, efficient back office services to our clients in a virtual manner.  We anticipate being able to provide more timely services to our clients, have more backup talent in the office, provide a wider scope of services and therefore a better bottom line to our clients.  We will perform all of the mundane, back office tasks, that businesses get bogged down with.  We can perform these duties more efficiently, based on our knowledge base, experience and we enjoy doing these tasks.  This will allow our clients to focus on their expertise (the technical aspects that will bring money in the door).  This will bring better profits to the table for our clients and reduce their operating risk. Please continue to follow our blog but now it will be found at the url:  www.reliascent.com/government-contracting-blog/.

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