January 1st is the best time to setup a DCAA compliant accounting system

NOW is the Best Time to Discuss DCAA Accounting System Setup

2024 may only be nine weeks away, but Q4 is always the best time to begin discussing setting up a DCAA Compliant Accounting System with ReliAscent®. Whether you need a compliant system for the first time, or your current system, accountant, or govcon accounting firm just isn't working out the way you had hoped, the experts at ReliAscent® are here to help.  Our staff can setup and maintain a cloud-hosted, QuickBooks® Enterprise-based system in a matter of weeks, for small businesses ranging in size from $500k - $50M in annual revenue (and January setups are the most affordable---don't pay other firms ridiculous startup fees of $10,000 or more for an install).


Why Should You Consider ReliAscent?

Our team-based approach to Government Contract Accounting and Compliance is unique in the industry. Rather than sticking our clients with inexperienced bookkeepers following a template (while the real experts at the top are rarely available, and charge several hundred dollars an hour for access to their knowledge), ReliAscent® provides each client—no matter their size—with a complete accounting and consulting team. With an experienced Bookkeeper, Senior Accountant, (optional) Controller, and Account Executive (your very own fractional CFO and Contract Manager), these teams allow our clients to focus on what they do best, while positioning them for success...and we can even provide proposal support, complete contract management & administration, and strategic financial consulting services, on a monthly or as-needed basis.

The New Year is almost here. Don't miss this opportunity to get your system setup at the best possible time. Or, if you've had enough of the late financials, accounting errors, and blank stares from your current accounting firm or bookkeepers whenever you have a simple compliance question (not to mention that bill they run up each month), contact us today.  It's time you got the professionalism and expertise you are paying for



ReliAscent© is now adding companies to our Onboarding Schedule. If you need immediate help or if you would like to be added to our January 1 Onboarding Schedule, use the link below to request your quote, or contact us now.



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