DCAA Accounting Software for Small to Medium Sized Contractors

As the DCAA tightens it’s auditing requirements, there are more and more stories of accounting systems in small business that do not pass DCAA audits.  Most of this change has occurred since last December when the Assistant Director of the DCAA issued a memo (08-PAS-043(R)) that “clarified” what constitutes a significant deficiency for a DCAA audit.  Since that time, we are hearing more stories of companies failing DCAA audits and the need for better accounting systems.  Deltek GCS Premier® is the world’s most trusted, proven accounting and project management software solution designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses who sell services to the U.S. Government.  Tech BizSolutions, Inc. is a Deltek Partner authorized to sell, install and service the GCS Premier® software.   This software is becoming more affordable to small business.   Tech Biz has decided that it would be beneficial to start conducting seminars to educate government contractors about the software that is considered by most to be the “gold standard” for government accounting.  The first seminar will be held in Denver on October 21, 2009.  This half day event will allow contractors to come in and learn more about the system, to talk to existing users of the system and ask questions both of experts and users.  To participate, we recommend that you make reservations early as space is limited.  Please go to www.techbizsolutions.us/deltek_seminar/ to reserve your space today.


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