Colorado PTAC & Small Business Outreach

I attended two seminars here in Colorado this week.  One focused more on the benefits of the Colorado Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) that was just established late last year (Colorado was one of the last states to get a PTAC center).  The Colorado PTAC office is a great resource for government contractors.  They help advise on contracting basics, requirements, help advise on writing of proposals and help find opportunities.  Their services are free to the business.  The main office for the Colorado PTAC is in Colorado Springs with a Grand Junction office, Golden office and soon a Northern Colorado office.  All contractors should be using this resource. 

The other conference was sponsored by the Colorado Springs Chamber and related to Small Business opportunities in contracting with the government, called the Small Business Outreach conference. The Small Business Outreach also was a great way to not only increase your technical knowledge in how to contract with the government but also provided "Grip & Grin" sessions where small business can meet key procurement individuals at various local government installations that procure goods and services.  I was impressed with the attendance, the value of the information shared and the opportunities presented for small business.  As a small business this should be on your agenda next year!


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