Department of Defense - Continuing Resolution?

What is wrong with the way we are currently operating our government?  The government operates on a budget year from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30.  Theoretically the budget for the fiscal year should be established and approved prior to the start of the year.  Right now, the budget is not approved!  What?  That's right, the budget is operating on what is called a "continuing resolution" authorized by congress.  This means uncertainty, it means inefficiency and it means slow actions by the acquisition arm of the government (since they are not sure of funding, whether it will be approved, reduced, increased, eliminated, etc).  Undersecretary of Defense Aston Carter describes the problems well.  This short video allows some of his views of the problem. 


For more information you can visit Defense News website and see several other videos related to this topic.  This inefficiency is impacting all government contractors.  This is not a "new" behavior for congress, it is similar to the constant string of continuing resolutions to keep the SBIR/STTR program running over the last 2 years now.  Most government contractors do a great job in complying with all the FAR regulations, DFARS regulations, DCAA regulations, etc.  Why can't congress do a good job and get these funding issues resolved prior to the fiscal year?   


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