Success in Government Contracting – It’s More Than Just Direct Work

Most small business government contractors and grantees are understandably focused on things like their direct work, avoiding a DCAA audit, or just delivering product &/or CDRL’s.  Running a successful, growing business, on the other hand, is more than just your deliverables, or accounting and contract compliance.  It takes financial planning, strategic management of your rates, project performance monitoring, and several critical business and financial management skills that most small businesses—and their accounting firms—simply lack.

Without these three business management skills:

…Your accounting department or CPA firm could be leaving you at a big disadvantage!  And, in the world of Government Contracting, if you are not compliant, do not follow the regulations, and cannot perform efficiently for the world’s largest procuring entity (while remaining profitable), you will fail.

That’s what makes ReliAscent entirely unique in the industry. Not only do we have over 200 combined years of DCAA Compliant Accounting and Contract & Grant Management experience, but each of our clients has direct access to our Business Management and Outsourced CFO experts; helping them to maintain and increase profitability, and providing them with the skill sets they need to grow the business.

Contact us today to learn how our complete compliance solution can help position your business for success.


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