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ReliAscent® LLC is the only government contract accounting firm that specializes in all aspects of government contracting compliance.  From our DCAA compliant accounting services, to monthly government contract accounting for all government agency awards, contract management & administration, and financial services & planning, our goal is to ensure the success of our clients, and all small business government contractors and grantees.  

In our DCAA Blog, we discuss the latest government contracting news from the Federal Government, the DCAA, and DCMA, as well as promotions offered by ReliAscent, and helpful tools and resources for contractors.

We hope you will visit and take part in the discussions on our blog on a regular basis. If you ever have any questions or would like to discuss how our experts can help, do not hesitate to contact us at any time!  


How Does your Business Partner Help you Succeed?

Not Sure if Your Accounting System is Compliant? Consider a Mock Audit

Preparing a Government Contract Cost Proposal

DoD SBIR/STTR 2019.3/C BAA Open for Proposal Submission Today

ReliAscent Partner Podcast: A Pathway For Scaling Your GovCon Business

Government Contractors Deserve more than Just an Accounting Firm

Navy's New OTA an Opportunity for Small Business Defense Contractors

DoD SBIR/STTR 2019.3/C BAA - Topic Pre-Release Today

What do I do if My Contract is Terminated for Convenience?

An Introduction to Government Property Management

Alphabet Soup: DCAA vs. DCMA

Is Your Accounting System DCAA Compliant?  Get a FREE DCAA Compliance Review from ReliAscent

Upcoming Webinar for 8(a) Contractors: Managing Growth

DoD SBIR/STTR 2019.2/B Closes Monday, July 1st

Is it Time to Consider Outsourcing Your Government Contract Accounting?

NSF 2019 SBIR/STTR Phase I Closes Tomorrow

Capped Indirect Rates - Friend or Foe?

DoD SBIR/STTR 2019.2/B Opens for Proposal Submission Today

Indirect Rates Models for Government Contracts & Grants - Are You Using the Right One?

An Introduction to Indirect Rates for Government Contractors

It's May 15th. Have You Started Your Incurred Cost Proposal Yet?

Free QuickBooks DCAA Compliance Reviews for Government Contractors

Success in Government Contracting – It’s More Than Just Direct Work

DCAA ICE Submission Due Date Approaching

Visit ReliAscent at: "A Day With the DCAA & DCMA - Understanding Government Contract Compliance" (Colorado Springs, CO)

DCAA Accounting System Requirements - Making Sense of the SF1408

DCAA Compliance for Small Business

ReliAscent Releases our First White Paper of 2019: "Capped Indirect Rates - Friend or Foe?"

DoD SBIR/STTR 2019.1/A Closes Tonight

ReliAscent Releases our first Newsletter of 2019

DoD SBIR/STTR 2019.1/A Opens for Proposal Submission Today

Why Right Now is the Best Time to Submit Your 2019 Billing Rate Proposal (“BRP”)

DoD SBIR/STTR 2019.1/A BAA Pre-Release

Department of Energy SBIR Phase I FY2019 Release 2 Topics Now Available

DoD Contract Negotiations: An $18 Million Dollar Case Study

DoD SBIR/STTR 2018.3/C Closes Tomorrow (10/24)

Free QuickBooks DCAA Compliance Review

Successful Government Contractors Need More Than Just An Accounting Firm...

Are You Properly Managing Your Indirect Rates?

New ReliAscent White Paper - Cost and Pricing Data Explained

ReliAscent® Newsletter Released - The National Defense Authorization Act and More

Indirect Rates Reviews for Government Contractors

New Funding Opportunity for Small Business from the US ARMY

DoD SBIR/STTR 2018.2/B Closes Tomorrow, June 20, 8 PM ET

Other Transaction Authority (OTA) – Is it Worth it?

New SAM Registration Requirement for Federal Contractors & Grantees

Government Contractors Need More Than "Just an Accounting Firm"

DoD SBIR/STTR 2018.2/B Open for Submissions

DCAA ICE Submissions

Are Your Indirect Rates Helping or Hurting Your Business?

ReliAscent Seminar: "Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 101 – Quick Tour and Key Clauses"

ReliAscent Seminar at Colorado PTAC - "FAR 101 – Quick Tour and Key Clauses"

NIH Salary Limitation for 2018 Just Released

“Snatching Success From The Jaws of (Apparent) Defeat” - ReliAscent Featured Partner Blog (Part V)

ReliAscent Introduces Free Indirect Rates Reviews for Contractors

DCAA Compliance White Papers

“Requests for Equitable Adjustment – Essential in Government Contracting”

Government Shutdown – Déjà vu All Over Again...

“What Happened To My Profit?” - ReliAscent Featured Partner Blog (Part III)

ReliAscent Seminar Tomorrow: "Cost & Pricing in Government Contracting" 

DoD SBIR/STTR 2018.1/A Open For Proposal Submission Today!

Upcoming ReliAscent Seminar: "Cost & Pricing in Government Contracting" 

ReliAscent Presenting at Colorado PTAC - "Cost & Pricing in Government Contracting"

“Should We Do It?” - ReliAscent Featured Partner Blog (Part II)

DoD SBIR/STTR 2018.1/A Topic Pre-Release

New White Paper: Government Contract Management Part I - The RFP Review

“If You Are a Commercial Contractor, Please Consider This!” - ReliAscent Featured Partner Blog (Part I)

ReliAscent Newsletter Released - SBIR Road Tour and More

Resources for DoD SBIR/STTR Contractors & Grantees

Government Contract Reviews - Don't Get Lost in the Excitement!

DoD SBIR/STTR 2017.3/C BAA Open for Proposal Submission

Preparing Government Contract Cost Proposals

A Quick Guide to the DCAA Compliant Accounting System - SF 1408 White Paper

ReliAscent Presenting at California SBIR Road Tour

ReliAscent Presenting at Colorado PTAC - "What Triggers the Requirements in Government Compliant Accounting Systems?"

ReliAscent Presenting at Colorado PTAC - September 13th

Fixed-Fee Clause Confusion

IP Protection Seminar with ReliAscent Partner, Martensen IP


New ReliAscent White Paper: "An Introduction to Indirect Rates"

ReliAscent Releases Our Second Newsletter of 2017

Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

Contract Cost Proposals - Setting Yourself Up For Success

ReliAscent Releases it's Latest White Paper: "Preparing a Government Contract Cost Proposal."

Government Contracting 101 - Part 7: How does the government pay for my research?

Government Contracting 101 - Part 6: Agency Differences in Unallowable Costs

Energy Secretary Rick Perry Halts DoE SBIR/STTR  2017 Ph I Selections Until Further Notice

Protecting Your Business with Government Contract Reviews

Government Contracting 101 - Part 5: How Does The Government Make You Pay Your Fair Share of Your Indirect Costs?

Government Contracting 101 - Part 4: What is the Role of Small Business in New Product Development?

Do You Know When To Change a Contract? Or How?

Government Contracting 101 - Part 3: Can Deferring Wages Get Me Into Trouble?

Special Guest Blog: "Staying up to date with Leave Policies" - Clockwise Timekeeping Software

Government Contracting 101 - Part 2: Who is the DCAA, and What is DCAA Compliance?

Government Contracting 101 - Part 1

ICE Season Approaches...

Time Tracking for DCAA Compliance: Work Smarter, Not Harder, With Automated Time Tracking (TSheets Guest Blog)

ReliAscent Partners with TSheets


ReliAscent Partners with GHG (Clockwise)

BBB: Beware of New QuickBooks Phishing Scam

2017 NASA SBIR Solicitation Closing Soon---2017.1/A DoD SBIR/STTR Opens!

Lockheed Releases 2017.1/A DoD & NASA SBIR/STTR Topics of Interest

SBIR/STTR Programs Reauthorized through 2022!

DoD SBIR/STTR 2017.1/A Topic Pre-Release

NSF SBIR/STTR Proposals Due Next Week

New Executive Order Mandating Sick Leave for Government Contractors

Shoud I be worried about the False Claims Act?

OASIS Reopens Solicitation – Government Looking to add 31 more multiple award contractors to the existing OASIS SB Pool 2

New Book on SBIR is a Must Read

Preparing a Cost Proposal in the Government Environment

How a Mock DCAA Audit Can Benefit Your Small Business

Can I use a PEO and still be a Small Business Government Contractor?

DoD SBIR/STTR 2016.3 Open for Proposal Submission This Week

DFAS Changes Help Small Businesses

Government Contractor CFO's 101 (Part VII) - Cashflow Management II: Navigating the Government Payment System

So You Think You're ITAR Compliant? Describe Your Program...

DPAP Releases New Guidelines on Commercial Items for Defense Contractors

When Can You Bill the Client for the Revised Final Actual Rates Each Year?

DoD 2016.3 SBIR/STTR Topics Pre-Release Tomorrow

SBIR/STTR Up for Reauthorization---Again!

The Benefits of Contract Accounting Services

ReliAscent Partners with Busch Law Firm LLC (Government Contract  & Procurement Law Specialists)

DARPA SBIR/STTR Industry Day - Registration Opens Today!

Government Contractor CFO's 101 (Part VI) - Risk Management II

Special Guest Blog: "What Federal Awards Recipients Need to Know About Uniform Guidance/Program Specific Audits" - Barb Clausen, Clausen & Associates CPA

Government Contractor CFO's 101 (Part V) - Indirect Rates

Don’t Let NAVY Tripwire Blow Up Your Pricing!

Government Contractor CFO's 101 (Part IV) - Economic Forecasting & Modeling I

Single and Program Specific Audit Deadlines Looming...

It’s June – Are You Done With Your ICE?

Government Contractor CFO's 101 (Part III) - Cashflow Management: When Cash is King

Congress Advances Legislation to Grow, Make Permanent, the SBIR/STTR Programs

Government Contractor CFO's 101 (Part II) - Understanding Your Regulatory Environment

Boeing Releases its DoD SBIR/STTR 2016.2/B Topics of Interest Spreadsheet

Upcoming National SBIR/STTR Conference in Washington DC - May 23 - 25

Incurred Cost Submission Deadline Looming...

Government Contractor CFO's 101 - Part I


DoD SBIR/STTR 2016.2/B Topics Released

DCMA vs. DCAA - ReliAscent Releases New White Paper

ReliAscent Partners with Martensen IP

ReliAscent To Host DCAA Compliance Webinar This Week

ReliAscent Partners with Clausen & Associates CPA

ReliAscent Releases our First White Paper of 2016: "An Introduction to Government Property Management"

DCAA Updates the ICE

Insights from the NIH’s Annual SBIR/STTR Conference in Seattle, WA

Meet ReliAscent's Dave Donley This Week at the Annual 2015 NIH SBIR/STTR Conference!

Fair Pricing Challenges at the Defense Department

Big Changes Coming for Deltek GCS® Users?

DoE SBIR/STTR Grants – Is fee allowed on “subcontractors”?

Colorado PTAC & ReliAscent Providing Free Class for Colorado Contractors

Will Not Having an Approved Accounting System Disqualify our Firm From Bid Opportunities? - PART II

Will Not Having An Approved Accounting System Disqualify Our Firm From Bid Opportunities? - PART I

Government Voucher Audits

FAR Compliant Accounting for NSF, DOE & NIH Awards

Is QuickBooks DCAA Compliant? QuickBooks and DCAA Compliance Requirements

How Are Travel Costs Allocated as Direct Costs?

Mike Anderson to Speak at ACT/IAC Breakfast meeting tomorrow

ReliAscent is Expanding and Moving.

Tribal & other SBA 8(a) Sole Source Awards

A Way To Assure DCAA Compliant Timekeeping

What Does ITAR Mean To a Small Government Contractor

The Commerce Control List & Export Administration Regulations

Shield America and ITAR issues

NSF & the NSF Accounting Requirements

Small Business Subcontracting Goals

Expiration of the Comprehensive Small Business Subcontracting Plan

Deltek timekeeping computer breach

Defense Acquisition: More Business Friendly

OASIS & OASIS SB Open for Business

Trends in Government Contracting: Commercial items

LPTA Evaluations of Government Contracts

Region VIII SBA Regulatory Fairness Board Hearing

NDIA & Colorado PTAC Panel Discussion on Contracting Issues (Part 2)

NDIA & Colorado PTAC Panel Discussion on Contracting Issues

DCAA Audits vs. Self Reporting

DCAA Executive Compensation Limits Changed

The Top 10 Signs You Need CFO Services

Commercialization Rate Behchmark: Moving to the Commercial Market

How to Prepare for a DCAA Audit

Federal Government Flow Down Requirements on Federal Contracts

ReliAscent Video Channel on YouTube

ReliAscent QuickBooks® file review

4th Quarter Federal Government Procurement System

SBA Statistics Show Small Business Improving

Fixing the Defense Department Procurement System

Export Control for Government Contractors - ITAR

USPTO adds Sattellite office in Denver, CO on June 30, 2014

OASIS SB Poised to Save the Government money

Trends in Government Contracting

GSA and the 18F Program

NAV / PVBS - DCAA Compliant Accounting Software

Government Contractors: DCAA, FAR and Other Compliance Issues

Rooting Out Unbilled Cost and Fee on Cost-plus Type Contracts

The Penalty for DCAA Unallowable Expenses

SBA report on Small Business Procurement Goals

National SBIR/STTR Conference

SBIR & STTR Policy Directive from the SBA for 2014

SBIR Program and Intellectual Property Protection

Defense Acquisition - The Game is Changing

SBA's Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board

DCAA Approval vs. DCAA Compliance

Fixed Price NSF Grant May Have Hidden Consequences.

ReliAscent LLC Selected For "Colorado's Top Accounting Firms"

DCAA Accounting & Business Ethics II

DCAA Accounting and Business Ethics

Government Contracting & the risk of Withholding Payments

New SBA Policy Directive on the SBIR program

Quick Closeout of a Government Contract

A visit with the NDIA Small Business Division Chairman

Outsourcing your DCAA Compliant Accounting

QuickBooks® and DCAA Compliance

PTAC offices offer help to Government Contractors

FY 2015 Federal Budget Released

DPAP seeking input on the FAR

Improvements in the Wide Area Workflow System

Incurred Cost Report time

Accelerated Payments to Small Business Contractors

So you want to be a government contractor?

What you should know about an ICP audit.

DCAA, DCMA and the small business government contractor (You).

SBIR Awards and DCAA Compliant Accounting Systems

QuickBooks® to Deltek® for DCAA Compliant Accounting

Government contract management for federal government contractors

A133 Audits and Department of Energy Compliance

DCAA Compliant Accounting and System Technology

Timekeeping, Labor Distribution and Record Retention for Government Contractors

The importance of Proposal Pricing for Government Contractors

The importance of a Government Contractor's Cash Flow

DoD adds to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

NSF SBIR & NSF Grant Accounting Guidelines

NDIA/SBTC committee working effectively with DCAA

Government Contracting in 2014

DCAA Committe - NDIA & SBTC: Issue Consultant Guidelines

Sequestration & the Ryan-Murray Budget Deal

Small Business Contract Opportunities & Sequestration

Pros & Cons of being a Government Contractor

Intellectual Property Rights for SBIR Awardees

How to fill out a DCAA Timesheet

What is the difference in the DCAA and the DCMA?

Impacts of ending Sequestration

Government Contract Opportunities

Sequestration and Major Program Changes

SBIR Opportunitites

Manage your indirect billing rates now!

Year-end change: Government Approved Accounting System

Federal Government Contract outlook next 30 days

Small Business Financing and the Government Shutdown

Invoice Compliance for the Federal Contractor

Using QuickBooks® for Government Accounting

Government Accounting, Compliance and Audits

Does Shutdown mean Termination for Convenience?

More on the Federal Government Shutdown

Federal Government Shutdown a Reality!

Federal Government Shutdown

DCAA Accounting Software for Government Contract Accounting

Smart Tactic - Outsource Government Accounting

New Whistleblower Law for Federal Contractors

Sequestration effects on Federal Contracts

Why does a government contractor need a CFO?

Should a government contractor outsource their CFO?

Managing Indirect Costs

Visual help for Government Contractors

Where did the FAR come from?

NDIA & SBTC Committee to address DCAA issues for Small Business

Government Contracting Accounting Requirements

A New Wave in Government Contracting: OASIS

Past Performance Evaluation in Government Contracting

Intellectual Property and the Government Contractor

Negotiating a Government Contract

Proposal Pricing is often overlooked.

Are you current on your Contract Closeouts?

Grants and DOE Accounting compliance

Are you keeping your SAM Registration current?

Defense Acquisition and the Government Contractor

DCAA Unallowable Costs and other Agency rules

DCAA Compliant Accounting: Pay me now or Pay me Later!

DCAA Compliant Accounting for Small Contractors

Government Cost Accounting Basics

What does Obamacare mean to Small Business Federal Contractors?

Government Business and Federal Contracts flowing

Federal Government FY13 Budget and Spending

SBIR & the difference between a Federal Government grant and contract

Outsourced Accounting services and Partnerships

The top 10 reasons to outsource your government contract accounting

Small Business Finance and Government Contracts

CFO Services needed most when you can least afford them

Sequestration effects on Government Contracting

Government Contracts Update

Structure your Federal Government Accounting System Wisely

Government Contracting and the FY2014 Budget

DCAA Compliant Accounting Systems for very small companies

DCAA getting tougher on Consultant costs

Navy's Seaport-e Rolling Admission Solicitation is out

DoD War on Profits?

How the FY2014 budget will help Small Business

Good news from the FY2014 DoD Budget

Top 15 signs your accounting system might not be DCAA Compliant

Department of Defense reduces Furlough days

Small Business Contracting Opportunities

New Government Contract Opportunity: OASIS

Increase in Fixed Price Government Contracts

Rolling Admissions open to Seaport-e

Sequestration, Continuing Resolutions and the DOD

Government Contract: Do you need to evaluate your customer?

The Effects of Sequestration on Small Business

Opportunities for Federal Government Contracts for Small Business

Russ Farmer assumes SBTC/NDIA Chair of DCAA/DCMA Committee

Government Contractors: Let the finger pointing begin.

Changes in the Government Contract world.

Get Ready for Sequestration, Federal Government Contractors!

Sequestration means Termination for Convenience

DCAA Policy Shift: Consultant costs?

Federal Contracts and Terminations Risks

Trends in Government Contracts

Small Business Contract Opportunities

SBIR/STTR released from HHS

The Department of Defense braces for Sequestration.

Will Sequestration help the DCAA?

SBIR/STTR National Conference 2012

Can I use QuickBooks for Government accounting?

DCAA Timekeeping Requirements - Part 3

DCAA Timekeeping Requirements - Part 2

DCAA Timekeeping Requirements - Part 1

Indirect Rates Management

SBIR prime season Now

Navy announces 385 new Seaport-e IDIQ Contracts

SBIR/STTR program part Deux

History of the SBIR/STTR program

Managing your Incurred Cost Proposal year round

The Season for the Incurred Cost Submission (ICE)

Should I outsource my government contract accounting?

A New Beginning for Government Contractor Services

Monitor your subcontractor's Incurred Cost Submissions

Provisional Rates - A potential DCAA focus area in 2012